Voice of Cambodian Youths

Most of the Cambodian youths have had experiences with learning from foreign volunteers. Since all the schools are closed in Cambodia because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), I invited some youths to write something for me. I’d like to hear the voice of Cambodian youths – what they think about foreign volunteers. This week, I invited my … Continue reading Voice of Cambodian Youths

What Is It Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Three

Now that you have found the organization that you want to volunteer for, the next thing is to find out what you need to know and prepare beforehand. It all depends on where you go and what kind of work you will do. In general: Health I got in touch with an NGO in Germany … Continue reading What Is It Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Three

Learn Khmer

When you travel in Cambodia, you need to know some basic Khmer (Cambodian language). I find it easier to use the standard English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to show the pronunciation. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I was given some textbooks and websites from the priests and volunteers but none of the materials have … Continue reading Learn Khmer

Funny Moments

There were so many happy and funny moments when I was in Cambodia. I'd love to share these with all of you. Thanks for the happy times, everyone. You are all my angels. 😊 Moments with the French volunteer: At a farewell party for a local priest, the students cried. The French volunteer consoled one … Continue reading Funny Moments

An Unforgettable Experience

Presentation time again.  😛 The group is much smaller this time cos previously I told the class that there would be tests. Students who are afraid of tests decided not to attend my class. Too bad, this is actually where the essence is.  😛   For those who continue, they have to do homework, in-class exercises … Continue reading An Unforgettable Experience

Love Is…

Love is... when your students take you to a nearby rice field and say, 'this is the place where I come whenever I feel sad.' when your students start to share with you their problems, not necessarily in details. when your students trust you and rely on you. when your students cut a piece of … Continue reading Love Is…

Tests, Tests And More Tests… In Life

Starting from this week, I gave my students tests on phonetics. When I say tests, I don't really mean tests. I actually mean exercises but I want to give them a sense of 'pressure'.  While learning is fun, giving them some 'pressure' (not too much) will help them improve further. After all, we all live … Continue reading Tests, Tests And More Tests… In Life

You Don’t Want History To Repeat Itself. So Learn To Love And Create A Better Future For Yourself And For Your Own Country

A group of Hong Kong people came to Cambodia through a Youth Exchange Programme to meet with Cambodian students and to travel with them to Vietnam. I helped to facilitate and coordinate the students. After we visited the Genocide Museum and the Killing Field, the local Cambodian students were so upset. They have heard of … Continue reading You Don’t Want History To Repeat Itself. So Learn To Love And Create A Better Future For Yourself And For Your Own Country

‘It’s all over…. I will be proud of myself’

Why did I end up in a minivan with a huge metal tin full of protein-rich insects right in front of me? It’s exam week for all the students (primary schools, high schools and universities) in Cambodia so I took some time off and decided to travel to Phnom Penh to attend a start up … Continue reading ‘It’s all over…. I will be proud of myself’

Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', always criticizes that schools never provide us financial education.  Now, as a teacher (or a coach), I want to give my students some ideas.  No, I didn't teach them how to get rich.  Rather, I gave them a surprise [sinister laugh]. I gave them a topic. … Continue reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad.