Inside A Volcano In Iceland

It actually sounds scarier than it is. It was very safe otherwise the company wouldn't have let us in. I signed up an 'Inside a volcano' tour but because it happened in the afternoon, I joined a free walking tour in Reykjavik in the morning. I like joining free walking tour. The first time I … Continue reading Inside A Volcano In Iceland

A Two-Night Trip at Kolsay Lakes National Park

Woke up at 4am to catch a taxi to the bus terminus for the Lake Kaindy trip. The information centre arranged the trip for us except this taxi trip of course. It was a one-night trip. We would spend a night at a huge guesthouse run by a family in Saty. According to the information … Continue reading A Two-Night Trip at Kolsay Lakes National Park

Post Post-Long-Term-Backpacking-Depression Came Kazakhstan

After I finished my so-called 'long term' backpacking trip in South America (I met someone who had been backpacking for 20 years in Peru so my trip was really nothing), I suffered from post long term backpacking depression. I'd stay at home, sit on my sofa and start to cry because I missed it so … Continue reading Post Post-Long-Term-Backpacking-Depression Came Kazakhstan

Trekking To Mount Fitz Roy

I went trekking for the whole day. I started late and before I left the hostel, I took a map at the reception. It said it'd take 4 hours one way to go to the mountain top. I still had time. It was a nice walk but very hot. I arrived at a cross road. The … Continue reading Trekking To Mount Fitz Roy

Christmas With An Argentinian Family

Thanks to Andrew Llyod Webber's 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina', I knew the name of this country when I was young but I had no idea where it was, what language it spoke and in general, what it was like. Little did I know that I'd be travelling there and spending time with the local … Continue reading Christmas With An Argentinian Family

Colca Canyon Trip Was Afoot

I said goodbye to my host family last night. They said they were really happy to have me there. I hope I didn’t give them too much trouble. I wish I could spend more time with them to practise Spanish but my Spanish was not good enough to converse. I still needed to think before … Continue reading Colca Canyon Trip Was Afoot

My One-Week Spanish Lesson

I had my first lección de español yesterday. Too much stuff to memorise. The grammar structure was really different from the English grammar. The teacher remembered the couple I met in Mongolia. One of my teachers was the couple's teacher. In fact, it was the couple who gave me the name of this escuela. After the … Continue reading My One-Week Spanish Lesson

Machu Picchu, Finally!

Some of the French girls in my tour group asked me if I could speak Spanish. Apparently, I didn’t. They said it’d be easier for me to travel around South America if I knew some Spanish. In fact, my original plan was to fly to Peru and attend a one-week Spanish lesson with a language … Continue reading Machu Picchu, Finally!

A Hike At Rio Verde, Baños

Cloudy. Occasional rain. I think that was what the weather was like at that time of the year. I decided to do some hiking at Rio Verde to see the waterfall which was a bit far from the Baños town centre so I took a bus which cost nearly nothing. On my way to Rio … Continue reading A Hike At Rio Verde, Baños

The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1

Day 1 of the Gobi Desert trip, Mongolia The couple’s plan was to leave Mongolia right after the Gobi Desert trip so they packed all their stuff with them and put them in the four-wheel drive. The tour package included our tents and sleeping bags so we didn’t need to bring any of these with … Continue reading The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1