The Freezing Cold Hotel – The Ice Hotel

After our sumptuous reindeer meat dinner yesterday, my friends and I packed all our bags and got ready to leave. But before that, we needed to check out our last item in our itinerary which was… The Ice Hotel! 😊 We had never thought of staying there overnight because It was too expensive for us … Continue reading The Freezing Cold Hotel – The Ice Hotel

Surprises In Norway!

We had a wonderful day yesterday dogsledding on the pure white snowy terrain in Karasjok. Today, we had to say goodbye to all the staff – the human staff and the furry four-legged staff – and headed to another destination, Kautokeino.  As we headed further south, we went past this building.  We curiously got out … Continue reading Surprises In Norway!

Dogsledding In Norway!

Yeah!! Dogsledding was one of the items on our bucket list!!!  I love dogs! I love huskies!! They look so cute!!  Where should we go dogsledding? My friends had it all organised. 😊 Nordkapp was indeed very cold, much colder than Burfjord but the hostel was warm enough so there was no need for us … Continue reading Dogsledding In Norway!

The Thrilling Experience to Nordkapp

It was a very peaceful night last night and we were all extremely excited about the northern lights. We finally talked about my wet socks as I took them off the rack and started wearing them and getting ready to go outside. My friend was concerned but I only brought those thin ones with me … Continue reading The Thrilling Experience to Nordkapp


The Speechlessly Spectacular Northern Lights!

Early in the morning, I was woken up by some strange sound. It sounded like something was walking outside my room in the snow. A person? But the footsteps sounded very light, too light to be an adult. A kid? It couldn’t be. The kid should be accompanied by an adult so I should be … Continue reading The Speechlessly Spectacular Northern Lights!

The Legendary Trolls

We had our breakfast in our hostel before we departed. While my friend was sitting in the dining room, facing the large windows, working on her computer, she suddenly screamed with excitement. She said, ‘Look!! Look!! It’s a..., it’s a..., it’s a..., what is it?’ I screamed too. It looked like a fox and it … Continue reading The Legendary Trolls

I Like Tromso!

I liked Tromso. I still do. 😊 We took a domestic flight from Oslo to Tromsø. Yes, this is the correct way to write it but I will just keep it simple and make it easy for my keyboard and myself - ‘Tromso’. Before we boarded the plane while we were still in Oslo, my … Continue reading I Like Tromso!

Norway In 2009

Yes! I went to Norway in 2009! It was their springtime when I went there but it felt like mid-winter to me. Thanks to a travel programme aired around that time, Norway became a very popular destination among the British. I got to know this when I met up with my friend in Norway on … Continue reading Norway In 2009