I am an avid traveller. I am also an online TESOL* (and other languages) tutor with 12 years of teaching experience. I specialize in International Phonetic Alphabet (Daniel Jones). I teach all age groups from kids to working adults. Recently, I started helping students with dyslexia to read.

My current initiative is to help children living in poor villages. A percentage of my net profit from my tutorials will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for these children.

I am also an avid traveller. I love exploring new places. That’s my passion. But if you don’t help others when you travel, what’s the point of travelling? I like volunteering, exchanging culture and sharing my travel stories when I travel. Even before couchsurfing started, I hosted backpackers or hung out with them. It seems cultural exchange is in my blood.

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*TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Recent Posts

Continued With My Adventure in Chiloe, Chile

It wasn’t really an adventure. Chiloe was very quiet. It was more like a time for me to relax and learn to slow down. I was used to this kind of backpacking lifestyle by that time and I really enjoyed it. People want to earn a lot of money to have freedom to do what … Continue reading Continued With My Adventure in Chiloe, Chile

I Was On CNN Chile

I left Puerto Natales. I gave the hostel staff a thank you card thanking them for their kindness especially Pamela, the cleaning lady. She offered me food and she showed her care to me and looked after me. The Puerto Natales domestic airport was in the middle of nowhere. The landscape and scenery were great. … Continue reading I Was On CNN Chile

Kindness Was All Around In Puerto Natales And Torres del Paine, Chile

I woke up early to catch the bus from Ushuaia, Argentina to Punta Arenas, Chile. Then I got on the bus and then crossed the border as usual. (I like the words ‘as usual’. It does remind me of my ‘nomadic’ life. :)) The wind was very strong that day. Our bus was supposed to … Continue reading Kindness Was All Around In Puerto Natales And Torres del Paine, Chile

Last Day In Ushuaia

Like I said previously, I joined two boat trips today. My roommate in the hostel showed me photos of the lighthouse boat trip that she went on so I decided to go. I wanted to visit the ‘H’ Island as well. The guy who tried to sell me yesterday told me about that island and … Continue reading Last Day In Ushuaia

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