I am an avid traveller. I am also an online TESOL* (and other languages) tutor with 12 years of teaching experience. I specialize in International Phonetic Alphabet (Daniel Jones). I teach all age groups from kids to working adults. Recently, I started helping students with dyslexia to read.

My current initiative is to help children living in poor villages. A percentage of my net profit from my tutorials will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for these children.

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*TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Recent Posts

Sandy, I Will Remember You

After I quit my job, I started doing some research. In fact, when I was in the four-wheel drive in Mongolia, I had decided to go to South America despite the fact that I didn’t know any Spanish word including ‘Hola!’ The couple also said I didn’t need to speak perfect or fluent Spanish to … Continue reading Sandy, I Will Remember You

The Diverse Gobi Desert

I woke up in my tent. The couple was talking and I thought to myself, ‘nah, let me lie in this comfortable tent for a little while longer and let the couple spend sometime with each other. Don’t want to be the third wheel.’ So I stayed in my sleeping bag and closed my eyes … Continue reading The Diverse Gobi Desert

The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1

Day 1 of the Gobi Desert trip, Mongolia The couple’s plan was to leave Mongolia right after the Gobi Desert trip so they packed all their stuff with them and put them in the four-wheel drive. The tour package included our tents and sleeping bags so we didn’t need to bring any of these with … Continue reading The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1

First Encounter with CS in Terelj National Park Mongolia

The story goes like this. I met a couple on my first day at the B&B who had been travelling for nearly one year. Over the past few days in Mongolia, every time when I saw them at the B&B, we would have a chat. They had started telling me about how they could travel … Continue reading First Encounter with CS in Terelj National Park Mongolia

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