I am an avid traveller. I am also an online TESOL* (and other languages) tutor with 12 years of teaching experience. 

My current initiative is to help children living in poor villages. A percentage of my net profit from my tutorials will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for these children.

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*TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

i really want to say thank you to you. i went to a science event with my daughter. after the event, i had a pleasant conversation with the teacher who is from Canada. the point is, i may not speak well, but i can respond instinctively without translation. That’s all because we had our lessons before… when do you think we can start our lessons again?

L. Sun, Taiwan

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Pilgrimage To Israel, Palestine And Jordan Day 2

Our pilgrimage continued so did the tight schedule.    Early in the morning (it was really early), we went to the Church of Primacy of St. Peter Mensa Christi and had our mass there. Mensa in Latin means ‘table’.  It is recorded in John 21 in the Bible that Jesus appeared on the shore of … Continue reading Pilgrimage To Israel, Palestine And Jordan Day 2

Pilgrimage To Israel, Palestine And Jordan

Happy 2021! Wish you all a very happy and safe year ahead, and most importantly, a healthy life. Last year was a great year for all of us to take a new perspective on life and to figure out our priorities in life. This year, it’ll be time for us to take actions and contribute … Continue reading Pilgrimage To Israel, Palestine And Jordan

The Freezing Cold Hotel – The Ice Hotel

After our sumptuous reindeer meat dinner yesterday, my friends and I packed all our bags and got ready to leave. But before that, we needed to check out our last item in our itinerary which was… The Ice Hotel! 😊 We had never thought of staying there overnight because It was too expensive for us … Continue reading The Freezing Cold Hotel – The Ice Hotel

Surprises In Norway!

We had a wonderful day yesterday dogsledding on the pure white snowy terrain in Karasjok. Today, we had to say goodbye to all the staff – the human staff and the furry four-legged staff – and headed to another destination, Kautokeino.  We curiously got out of our car and explored this place. It was actually … Continue reading Surprises In Norway!

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