Hi, I am an online TESOL* (and other languages) tutor with 12 years of teaching experience. I specialize in International Phonetic Alphabet (Daniel Jones). I teach all age groups from kids to working adults. Recently, I started helping students with dyslexia to read.

My current initiative is to help children living in poor villages. A percentage of my net profit from my tutorials will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for these children.

I am also an avid traveller. I love exploring new places. That’s my passion. But if you don’t help others when you travel, what’s the point of travelling? I like volunteering, exchanging culture and sharing my travel stories when I travel. Even before couchsurfing started, I hosted backpackers or hung out with them. It seems cultural exchange is in my blood.

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*TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Recent Posts

What Can You See In Milan?

I got off the train from Vicenza to Milan to meet up with my Italian friend that I met in Seychelles. It was good to see him and his girlfriend. They were back together (they broke up later). My friend kept telling me, ‘there is nothing to see in Milan other than Duomo.’ So, we … Continue reading What Can You See In Milan?

The Little Gem, Vicenza

I met an Italian jewellery designer before this trip. He said, ‘you should come to Vicenza. That’s my home. It’s beautiful. A lot of jewellery designers are from there.’ Alright. So, even though it’s not as famous as other touristy places in Italy, I went there. It’s a little town but it did have some … Continue reading The Little Gem, Vicenza

The Merchant of Venice :)

‘WOW!’ I screamed, ‘Hollywood setting!’ That was my impression when I saw the Basilica in Venice. Let’s rewind. 🙂 I arrived at Venice yesterday and met my roommate. We decided to hang out together today. She was quite tall, well, taller than I. When we chatted about our jobs, she told me she was an … Continue reading The Merchant of Venice 🙂

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