Punakha And Paro Bhutan

After talking to the King yesterday, which was the highlight of my journey in Bhutan so far, I headed to the gorgeous Punakha and the amazingly stunning Tiger’s Nest in Paro on my last few days in Bhutan. Morning fog in Bhutan Another nice view in Bhutan. A white stupa like the one I saw … Continue reading Punakha And Paro Bhutan

I Talked To The King Of Bhutan In 2010

Early in the morning, I woke up and found this red curtain with the shadows of the window frames. It looked very artistic so I took a photo of it. The red curtains in my room. I remember hearing birds chirping very loudly that morning. I guess these were the ones that disturbed my slumber. … Continue reading I Talked To The King Of Bhutan In 2010

Thimphu To Trongsa to Tang Bhutan 2010

When I first discussed with the travel operator my itinerary, I told him I liked photography and I didn’t mind some, just some, hiking. Unfortunately, the owner told me everything was full because of the festivals. Hence, he designed an itinerary that fitted my interests – to some remote villages for me to take photographs … Continue reading Thimphu To Trongsa to Tang Bhutan 2010

Thimphu Bhutan 2010

Guess where this was? Never got sick of mountains. Yeah, I was on the plane flying to Bhutan! The first surprise came - the pilot announced we could see the Himalayas on our left hand side but I was sitting on the right and in an aisle seat so I didn't get to see that. … Continue reading Thimphu Bhutan 2010

Nepal And Bhutan 2010

Going to Bhutan is not that easy. Probably the most difficult task is to select a local tour. Bhutan controls the number of foreign visitors every year and the visitors have to join a local tour otherwise they will not be issued a travel visa. Without a visa, you can’t get into the country. This … Continue reading Nepal And Bhutan 2010