Back To The Hot Istanbul

The hot summer in Turkey was killing me so I deliberately booked a day bus from Izmir to Istanbul to avoid the hot sun. I could have slept in the night bus and saved one night’s accommodation but it was really too hot for me to walk around in the city during day time. I … Continue reading Back To The Hot Istanbul

The Spectacular Ephesus

Ephesus is a very famous historical site and I heard it was spectacular. That was why I put it in my itinerary. After a good rest in a new place (finally), I leisurely walked up to the dining room to have my big breakfast. I checked the train schedule which would take me directly to … Continue reading The Spectacular Ephesus

Boring Izmir?

Today was the day I left Ölüdeniz. Finally! I said goodbye to my paragliding group whom I didn’t really hang out with much in the end, as you saw in my previous posts. They continued to stay for a few more days to practise solo paragliding. I took a bus from Ölüdeniz to Fethiye then … Continue reading Boring Izmir?

Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

After the tandem paragliding pilot told me about Kayaköy, the ghost town yesterday, I decided to go there today. It used to be a town where Muslims and Christians lived. There was no conflict. Everyone lived harmoniously. But after the war between Greece and Turkey, things changed. Muslims stayed in Turkey and Christians in this … Continue reading Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Paragliding

I joined my paragliding group for a one-day boat trip. It turned out that the Butterfly Valley that the boat went to can be accessed by public buses. When those who were suffering from seasick knew that, they said to me with their eyes wide opened, ‘Really?! Where’s the bus stop? I want to take … Continue reading Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Paragliding

Thermal Bath. Minor Paragliding Accident in Olüdeniz

There is one advantage of staying in a Thermal Bath hotel. You have the thermal bath right inside your room.  The hotel staff showed me how to use it when I checked in with the newlywed last night. Of course, they stayed in a separate room.  😀 But I didn’t try it in my own … Continue reading Thermal Bath. Minor Paragliding Accident in Olüdeniz

Pampered By Warm Hospitality. Hi Pamukkale!

Last night, my friend’s cousin-in-law invited us to stay with them for the night so we did. I let the beautiful wife try my cleansing and toning solution and aloe vera gel. She was so excited and happy after she applied it on her face. She said, ‘my skin feels so tense!’ with her eyes … Continue reading Pampered By Warm Hospitality. Hi Pamukkale!

Henna Party in Karaman, Turkey

I flew from Istanbul to Konya in the morning for my friend’s wedding in Karaman. Karaman is a small town. According to my friend, Turkish people who have emigrated overseas like to live in this town. In other words, most of the people living in this town have some relatives in other countries. However, like … Continue reading Henna Party in Karaman, Turkey

Two Missions in Turkey – Wedding And Paragliding

I needed to accomplish my two missions in Turkey. The first one which was paramount was to attend my friend’s wedding. She was marrying a Turkish guy. Nobody from her family could go to Turkey but she really wanted her friends from Asia to attend her wedding in Turkey. I was the only person who … Continue reading Two Missions in Turkey – Wedding And Paragliding