Pampered By Warm Hospitality. Hi Pamukkale!

Last night, my friend’s cousin-in-law invited us to stay with them for the night so we did. I let the beautiful wife try my cleansing and toning solution and aloe vera gel. She was so excited and happy after she applied it on her face. She said, ‘my skin feels so tense!’ with her eyes widely opened, as if she had just discovered some miracles. 😊

After she applied my aloe vera gel, she said her face felt hot. So, this morning, I woke up quite early and waited for her to wake up to check her skin. I found her in the kitchen and asked her if her skin felt better. There were no allergies at all and her skin looked so much smoother than before. I think it was because her skin was too dry. It needed some moisturizer.  It probably wasn’t ‘hot’.  She probably felt a bit tingling.

My room for the night last night. It was so sweet and kind of them.  The beautiful wife made a very comfortable bed out of their sofa for me.

We chatted for a while in the kitchen while she was preparing breakfast for all of us. It was a very sumptuous breakfast. My friend said it was the hotel standard in Turkey, and even better. She made some apricot sauce. I liked it so much that in the end, she offered to give me some. She carefully put it in a smaller jar and wrapped it with a few layers of plastic wrappings and plastic bags. That was so sweet of her. 😊  

I was so pampered by their warm hospitality.  I wasn’t even the one who got married with their cousin. I was just a friend of the bride, not even a relative. I felt so blessed. Actually, when we were having breakfast, I said that too. We were all very blessed.

The sumptuous breakfast made by my friend’s cousin-in-law’s beautiful wife.

After our delicious breakfast, they bid us farewell.

My friend’s husband continued to drive us down to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) and the Roman theatre near Pamukkale.

Hi Pamukkale!

Hi Pamukkale!

I liked Pamukkale. It was very photogenic.  I liked the patterns that were formed on the ground. So beautiful.

Pamukkale. Beautiful patterns formed on the slippery ground. They looked like waves in the sea.
Pamukkale. Interesting patterns formed on the slippery ground.
My friend found a trench filled with mineral water and suggested to take a photo there.

We headed to the Roman theatre in late evening after we finished Pamukkale.  I was so amazed by how well preserved it was!

The Roman theatre was so well preserved!  It’s amazing!  

When we reached our thermal bath hotel, it was already 9pm. It happened that dinner at the hotel was included in the room price and it was about to finish (9:30pm) so we quickly went to the dining hall and selected a table next to the swimming pool and enjoyed our dinner.

I felt so relaxed.

You know why fountains were built in some gardens in the past? They served as air conditioning. Sitting by the swimming pool helped too.

Istanbul was too hot and humid for me and I had to make an important call during that time so I couldn’t really relax. I think the time I started to unwind was after my friend’s wedding. I was in a very relaxing mood tonight.

Her husband took us to a night market in town. It was probably the last night when we could buy cheap stuff but I didn’t buy much and didn’t try the Turkish ice cream and corn. I was too full after dinner. 😔  It turned out that I didn’t have the chance to try the Turkish ice cream in Turkey. I tried another kind of Turkish dessert though. 😊

Tomorrow, we would go to Olüdeniz where I would meet up with my paragliding group and would say goodbye to the newlywed.

12 August 2018

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