Thimphu To Trongsa to Tang Bhutan 2010

When I first discussed with the travel operator my itinerary, I told him I liked photography and I didn’t mind some, just some, hiking. Unfortunately, the owner told me everything was full because of the festivals. Hence, he designed an itinerary that fitted my interests – to some remote villages for me to take photographs … Continue reading Thimphu To Trongsa to Tang Bhutan 2010

Thimphu Bhutan 2010

Guess where this was? Never got sick of mountains. Yeah, I was on the plane flying to Bhutan! The first surprise came - the pilot announced we could see the Himalayas on our left hand side but I was sitting on the right and in an aisle seat so I didn't get to see that. … Continue reading Thimphu Bhutan 2010

Nagarkot Nepal 2010

Good morning, the Himalayas! I had a much better sleep this time in Nagarkot than my night in Tibet back in 2005. I didn't need to use any oxygen or drink anything to help me acclimatize. This place is much lower than Ronghbuk Monastery, which is the highest monastery in the world. If you are … Continue reading Nagarkot Nepal 2010

Nepal And Bhutan 2010

Going to Bhutan is not that easy. Probably the most difficult task is to select a local tour. Bhutan controls the number of foreign visitors every year and the visitors have to join a local tour otherwise they will not be issued a travel visa. Without a visa, you can’t get into the country. This … Continue reading Nepal And Bhutan 2010

Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 2010

Kota Kinabalu is very famous for its beaches and mountains. My Malaysian friends and colleagues said I had to go there to see it myself so in 2010, I went there for a short trip. It happened that the week I was there, it was the national day of Singapore. I stayed in a supposedly … Continue reading Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 2010

Christmas In Thailand 2009

I went to Thailand twice and I just realized that in both occasions, I went there at around Christmas time. What a coincidence! Thailand is very popular among travellers. It has all the travellers want – low cost but good quality accommodation and food. It is also easy to get around. Culture wise, it’s rich. … Continue reading Christmas In Thailand 2009

Day 10 Pilgrimage – Who Is The Man Of The Shroud?

Our last day of our pilgrimage. We went to Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre for a permanent exhibition – Who is the Man of the Shroud? Apparently, it’s about the shroud that was imprinted with a man’s body. But who was that man? The question was left to us to answer. In 1898, the cloth … Continue reading Day 10 Pilgrimage – Who Is The Man Of The Shroud?

Day 9 of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

We went back to Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the morning. It was too crowded the other day. Rock of Calvary where Jesus was crucified. I think this is still inside Church of the Holy Sepulchre The Church of Saint Lazarus Lazarus was Jesus’ friend. Actually, I am confused about the relationships of some … Continue reading Day 9 of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

Day 8 of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

This morning, we went back to the Western Wall. We saw a huge crowd this time and were told that they were having the rite of passage ceremony. This scene was so different from what we saw the other day. After that, we recached Temple Mount. Dome of the Rock at Temple Mount. There are … Continue reading Day 8 of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

Day 7 Of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

Most of our luggage became very heavy after shopping for souvenirs last night. But who cared? We didn’t need to carry them around as we continued our pilgrimage. 😛 (and actually, mine didn’t gain much weight. I have a feeling that I have that ‘stingy backpacker’s look’.  Even the vendors don’t usually target me. 😅) … Continue reading Day 7 Of Our Pilgrimage In Israel