Ice In Iceland

I decided to do the southern part of Iceland. I was told that was a very nice part of the country so I checked out and decided to stay in another hostel in the southern part and spent the rest of my days in Iceland there.

After I checked out, I met two other travellers from my hostel. They were also travelling solo. The girl wanted to travel around the south. The guy wanted to rent a car and head to the same region. As backpackers, you know what we did next. 😀

The Canadian guy could only speak a bit of English. His native language was French but the girl could speak Italian, French and English so she became our translator. The guy rented a manual car which he regretted afterwards. He was so kind that he took us to different places without asking us to pay him, not even for the petrol even when we insisted. He said, ‘I want to go to these places by myself anyway. I am happy that I have companions now.’ It was soooo kind of him.

What I didn’t expect was, we went to all the places that I wanted to go to within one day. We travelled until 12 midnight but it was still quite bright. The sunset only happened before midnight or so. We went back to the same hostel in Reykjavik and I checked in again. 😀

The waterfall Seljalandsfoss though was not as majestic as Iguazu Falls, it was still very impressive.
Can you see some people walking towards the cave behind the waterfall? That’s where we were heading to too. 🙂
The path behind Seljalandsfoss
We stood behind the waterfall.
The water hit the rocks.
Beautiful surrounding. Summer.
Gljúfrabúi. This waterfall is a hidden one but it is very close to Seljalandsfoss.
This is how hidden Gljúfrabúi is. 😀
Where was I?
That’s where I was. I think I was at Skógafoss. So, now, it’s not hard to figure out the meaning of ‘foss’ – waterfall.
Does it look like a face looking at Skógafoss? Can you see the nose, the eyes, the lips and the chin? It’s a complete head wearing a crown.
Here’s another face discovered by my travel companion. Can you see the mouth? It was widely opened. From there up, you can see the nose, and then the eyes. It’s not as prominent as the other face though.
The shape of water, literally.

Then we headed to Vik. Guess what we wanted to see? YES! The black sand beach Reynisfjara.

The backdrop reminds me of the Twelve Apostles in Australia.
Reynisfjara. This is the touristy spot.
That’s one of the reasons why it’s famous. There is a term for this type of rock formation but I have forgotten it. I learnt it in my geography class in high school. Was it due to earthquake?
It looks like a pan flute.
It does look like the Twelve Apostles in Australia.
Here’s the cave at the beach.
Look at the rocks inside the cave. So shiny! It could be because of the water. If it is really the case, then when it is high tide, the sea level must be very high.
It looks like wood, but it’s actually the rock. Nature is a very talented sculptor.
The place looked so wild.

We had a refreshment at Reynisfjara. Then we discovered something. The girl’s eyes have different colours. One of her eyes was brown and the other was blue. We took a photo of her eyes. It was so interesting. I didn’t realise it until the guy said so. It was very kind of her to let us take photos of her eyes too.

After that, we went to another waterfall.

Fossálar Waterfalls, I think.

Please let me know if I get the names of all these places wrong.

Another photo of Fossálar Waterfalls. This one is a bit brighter. I was playing with the shutter speed.

Then we drove to Vatnajökull glacier. How can you not go to a glacier in Iceland? 😛

Vatnajökull glacier
The lake near Vatnajökull glacier
Can you see it? The sun was setting. It was past 11:30pm. There were some other tourists in this place too when we were there. Everyone just made good use of the summer sun.
Look at the bottom of the iceberg!
I am sure the ice tastes yummy. In fact, the tap water in Iceland tastes REALLY REALLY good! You don’t need to filter it. You don’t need to do anything to it. Just drink it from the tap and you will be addicted. I miss the tap water there. So delicious!
Look at the colour! I know I have seen icebergs before, but I still can’t stop admiring them.
I took too many photos! It’s so hard to select. I just randomly chose a few. The photos just don’t do it justice.

When we drove back to the hostel, the sun was setting. It was getting dark but not too dark. The guy was tired but the girl and I took turns to talk to him to keep him awake behind the wheel.

It was quite a long drive.

When we arrived at our hostel, it was very early in the morning, like 5am or so. I asked if the hostel manager if there was still a bed for me and if I could check in. He let me in and I tiptoed into my room.

I slept for a few hours and then met up with the girl and the guy again. They were leaving Iceland in a day or two but I still had a week or so. And I had been to all the places that I wanted to go to. So, what should I do next?

24 June 2016

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