The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

It was indeed a much-anticipated trip but the nightmare came on my first day on the boat - my period came so I couldn’t go snorkelling. But, I had an idea. I remembered when I was in Fiji, I faced the same problem. How did I solve it? Not tampons. I got on a smaller … Continue reading The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

First Stop in South America – Ecuador

My first stop was supposed to be Peru and I even arranged a one-week Spanish lesson in Arequipa. However, I missed my flight so I took a plane to Ecuador instead. That was the earliest flight I could get. Ecuador, I’d say, was probably the hardest for me to travel around. I knew no Spanish, … Continue reading First Stop in South America – Ecuador

Sandy, I Will Remember You

After I quit my job, I started doing some research. In fact, when I was in the four-wheel drive in Mongolia, I had decided to go to South America despite the fact that I didn’t know any Spanish word including ‘Hola!’ The couple also said I didn’t need to speak perfect or fluent Spanish to … Continue reading Sandy, I Will Remember You

The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1

Day 1 of the Gobi Desert trip, Mongolia The couple’s plan was to leave Mongolia right after the Gobi Desert trip so they packed all their stuff with them and put them in the four-wheel drive. The tour package included our tents and sleeping bags so we didn’t need to bring any of these with … Continue reading The Vast And Impressive Gobi Desert Day 1

First Encounter with CS in Terelj National Park Mongolia

The story goes like this. I met a couple on my first day at the B&B who had been travelling for nearly one year. Over the past few days in Mongolia, every time when I saw them at the B&B, we would have a chat. They had started telling me about how they could travel … Continue reading First Encounter with CS in Terelj National Park Mongolia

An Unexpected Encounter in Mongolia 2012

I had always wanted to go to Mongolia. Gobi Desert was the place that I wanted to go to. The nomadic lifestyle fascinated, still fascinates, me. It could be because of all the TV dramas that I watched when I was young. The ancient people rode their horses freely on a vast land, playing polo … Continue reading An Unexpected Encounter in Mongolia 2012

I Am Hungry For Hungary

When I first learnt the name of this country when I was young, I always mixed it up with the word ‘hungry’. OK, laugh but I believe most of the kids who first hear it will associate it with hunger because food is one of the most important things in their little lives. I was … Continue reading I Am Hungry For Hungary

The Photogenic Cesky Krumlov

An intern in my office knew that I was travelling to Czech Republic so she shared her travel experience with me, ‘you have to go to Cesky Krumlov. It’s beautiful! That’s also where most of the photos of Czech Republic are taken.’ Hence, it was on my agenda. I was too busy at work before … Continue reading The Photogenic Cesky Krumlov

The Scary Or Peaceful Sedlec Ossuary?

Here I was at Kutna Hora! I was joined by a friend from uni (the one who nag about going to Vietnam for our gathering. Back then, it hadn’t happened yet) and an acquaintance who wanted to tag along. The two seemed to get a long quite well which was good. BUT, I was like … Continue reading The Scary Or Peaceful Sedlec Ossuary?

Mission Impossible Prague 2012

The retreat house was indeed very quiet. Despite that, I woke up very early in the morning to have breakfast. I saw the German lady I met last night and had a chat with her while the other retreatants extremely quietly ate their breakfast. I was actually quite impressed. It wasn’t just because they could … Continue reading Mission Impossible Prague 2012