Back To Rome

I returned to my hostel in Rome from Florence. So cool! It was probably the cleanest hostel I had stayed at in Italy. It didn’t have any spa or sauna but it was really clean. I decided to go to Isola so I walked there from my hostel. I went past Altare della Patria close to Piazza Venezia. I was there two weeks ago but it was closed so I went inside to have a look and went up to the Terraza before I headed to Isola.

I met a freelance Italian photographer at the bridge and he took a photo of me. I said, ‘I’m not good looking,’ I dressed only slightly better than a beggar. We had a chat but he didn’t give me the photo he took of me. I don’t remember what we talked about.

I then walked around Trastevere and went to Saint Maria’s church.

Along the river, I walked to Castel Sant’Angelo which was close to Vatican. I took another photo of St. Peter’s Basilica from a different angle then walked to Piazza del Popolo where there was a street performer performing all the Michael Jackson’s dance. So cool!

Altare della Patria
The guards at Altare della Patria
Where was I?
The church, the ruins and the Colosseum – all in one photo
The interior of…? Huh? Where was it?
I really don’t remember what church this is.
Other than the Michael Jackson performer, I saw this busker. Her puppet was really drawing the picture.
The bridges in Europe look so similar. 😛 But I am sure they have different histories. Maybe they were designed by the same architect? Some were. Speaking of that, if we look at the bridges built in modern days, many of them look pretty similar too.
Another photo I took as I walked on the bridge.
I am happy with this photo of the Vatican City.

I was so tired. Walking and walking all the time.

I met another American girl in my hostel. We had dinner together in a nearby restaurant. When I say ‘nearby’, it was really near. It was actually located on the ground floor of our building. Haha!! The restaurant served a ‘tourist menu’ which was so good and with so much food that it took us hours to finish. We were there from 8pm to 11:20pm! The American girl was fun to be with. She talked a lot about her life in France, the American government and the American guys. Hm… we exchanged some opinions about that and about Italian guys also. Haha!! The one that I met in my hostel last night in Florence. Haha! Hm… we laughed about it. It wasn’t my first time to talk about Italian guys. Somehow it always came up in my conversations with other travellers.

What did I do on my last day in Italy? Souvenirs! Where was the best place to buy them? Supermarkets! My backpack was very light (less than 10kg) when I left home and now with a few bottles of spritz, Campari and limoncello, it weighs 17kg. 😀 (I don’t like Campari that much but I guess if I could make cocktails, it would be a good ingredient). After packing, I went to Galleria Borghese in the afternoon. The place was small but it had enough collection for me to stay there for 3 hours or more if they allowed me to. But each guest was only allowed to stay there for 2 hours max.

After that, I went to Pincian Hill where I found a clock that operated by water. It was recommended to me by another girl from my hostel. That ended my first trip in Italy. Will I go there again? Of course. I like Italian food. 🙂 It’s just that I don’t know when I will return. I still need to do the southern part of the country.

A beautiful painting. I believe it was done in the Renaissance period. It’s easy to tell. When I was travelling in Germany in 2002 (yes, you read it right – 20 years ago. You will also notice that my trips happened before 2005 are not documented here because I used a filmed camera. It’ll be too time consuming to convert the physical photos to digital copies), the guide in Hohenschwangau or Neuschwanschtein said, ‘you can see people killing each other in the painting, but you can never see blood.’ That’s Renaissance. 😀
The marble version of Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus Victrix. The plaster cast model had a few toes broken by a tourist in another museum in Italy in 2020. Poor thing. Stupid tourist. This marble one was surrounded by poles and nobody could go close to it.
The back of of Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus Victrix

There were too many stunningly beautiful sculptures. You just have to go there to see them in person.

Galleria Borghese
I saw this beautiful peach (?) tree after I left the museum.
Pincian Hill
The clock that was run by water.
Let’s take a closer look at how the water did it.

So, that marked the end of my trip in Italy.

Where next?

Stay tuned. 😉

20 – 21 March, 2015

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