Around Golden Circle Iceland

I decided to go somewhere cold in 2016. When you think about cold places, Iceland has to be one of them.

It’d not be my first time to go to Northern Europe. The last time I went there was in 2009 when I travelled to Norway with my friend who was then working in Denmark. Iceland was even more expensive than Norway. After all, it was away from everywhere else.

Most of the routes stopped over in London and then to Reykjavik. The Golden Circle seemed to be a popular place so I decided to go there so I joined a local tour as I didn’t want to rent a car.

Before the tour started, I walked along the shore.

The weather was sooooo good when I arrived.
Reykjavik – the capital city of Iceland. It felt like Queenstown in New Zealand to me. At least, that was my impression.
Dandelions along the shore. There were many of them.
I was taking a walk along the coastline in the warm sun. Wherever I went, I saw this beautiful and peaceful scenery.
Let’s have a look at the mountains.
It was a nice path.
This looked very familiar to me so I took this pic. Maybe I saw it in some pics or jigsaw puzzles when I was young. Or maybe it’s the wallpaper… or… whatever. It just appealed to me. 🙂
I walked to the lighthouse and there I met some travellers who were driving. I told them I walked to here from my hostel. They were shocked. ‘Do you need a lift back?’ Wow! That was very kind of them. While they were driving me back, they showed me the landmarks of the capital city.
I don’t remember the name of this place, but it should be quite significant.
Reykjavik, the city centre
There would be a big event here in a few days’ time. 🙂
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The glass architecture caught my eyes. I decided to go in to check it out, just for a short while only. After all, it was a very nice day so I should stay outdoor. The hostel staff said, ‘you don’t come to Iceland for the sun, do you?’ Even he was happy to see the sunny day. That meant something.

I was glad that I checked out the interior of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The sun shone through the glass windows creating numerous artistic patterns inside the building. The architect who designed it was a genius.

The interior of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Another zone inside the building. If it weren’t because of the sun, I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful pattern. I took so many photos.
The glass windows and the ceiling.
I couldn’t stop taking photos because it was just beautiful.
Some people were chatting there. I started taking photos using this angle since 2011 and since then I had been doing it using my camera. Now, with drones, one can easily take photos with an aerial view.
Look at this gorgeous interior! The pattern of the windows was reflected on the ground and everywhere.
Some people were chatting inside the building.
That’s me! 🙂 My own shadow. 🙂
It’s my own shadow again! 🙂
Graffiti in Reykjavik

One thing good about going to Iceland in summer was the long days and short nights.

I joined the tour to Golden Circle and we saw the trace of earthquakes.

Trace of earthquakes.
The rocks here looked a bit like the Pancake Rocks in New Zealand. They probably were formed by earthquake and had experienced the same kind of erosion as well. Probably.
Traces of earthquakes.
We walked between the rocks.
If I remember correctly, this building was a parliament. It was still being used.
Look at the water! It was so clear. In fact, the water in Iceland tastes very delicious. I don’t know why.
The water was so blue.
The reflection of the sky.
Geyser. This reminded me of Rotorua in New Zealand.
Hot pools. The blue was so blue. 😀 The entire place reminded of Rotorua.
The geyser rhythmically blew out columns of water and steam.
Look how high the water and steam was!
I don’t remember if I ate in this restaurant or I just used their bathroom, or maybe both. 😛
Gullfoss. The waterfall and a rainbow. It was still a spectacular waterfall even though it wasn’t as big as Iguazu Falls.
Gullfoss. Double rainbow! But I didn’t meet any Swiss traveller this time. 🙂

I did so much within one day. Thanks to the long summer days again. I could do more tomorrow. Let’s see what else I could explore in Iceland. 🙂

20-22 June, 2016

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