Trekking At Laugavegur, Iceland

The story goes like this - I came back to the same hostel after the unexpected trip along the south coast. After we caught some sleep in the hostel, we met up again. We checked out some cafes and pubs. While they were having a chat in a cafe, I went to the information centre … Continue reading Trekking At Laugavegur, Iceland

Ice In Iceland

I decided to do the southern part of Iceland. I was told that was a very nice part of the country so I checked out and decided to stay in another hostel in the southern part and spent the rest of my days in Iceland there. After I checked out, I met two other travellers … Continue reading Ice In Iceland

Inside A Volcano In Iceland

It actually sounds scarier than it is. It was very safe otherwise the company wouldn't have let us in. I signed up an 'Inside a volcano' tour but because it happened in the afternoon, I joined a free walking tour in Reykjavik in the morning. I like joining free walking tour. The first time I … Continue reading Inside A Volcano In Iceland

Around Golden Circle Iceland

I decided to go somewhere cold in 2016. When you think about cold places, Iceland has to be one of them. It'd not be my first time to go to Northern Europe. The last time I went there was in 2009 when I travelled to Norway with my friend who was then working in Denmark. … Continue reading Around Golden Circle Iceland