About Us

Our Belief

Learn x Travel is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange around the world. We truly believe that the power of cultural exchange will make a positive impact in our globalised world.

Our Programmes

We provide the following:

  • Online Cultural Exchange programme
  • Online unconventional and fun language tutorials – check out one of our videos here

Our Contribution to the Community

A percentage of our net profit will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for the children in poor villages.

We do NOT accept donations as we are not a charity.

Our Contact

If you are interested in our online cultural exchange programme and / or our online unconventional and fun language tutorials, please feel free to Message Us or email us: learnxtravel@gmail.com.

More About Learn x Travel

Learn x Travel is owned by an avid traveller who has travelled across six continents. Travelling solo most of the time, she likes to share her travel stories with fellow travellers. While she is travelling, she also wants to contribute to the world by volunteering. Recently, she finished her 7.5-month volunteering assignment in Cambodia.  For her, learning never stops even when she is travelling. Hence, Learn x Travel.