Colca Canyon Trip Continued

Woke up at 7:30am. We had pancake for breakfast. Yummy! Guess which pancakes I remembered? Yes, the ones I had in Tibet! After this delicious breakfast, we started to walk. This group of people were very nice. They would stop and wait for the others. We had an old couple from France. Their pace was … Continue reading Colca Canyon Trip Continued

Colca Canyon Trip Was Afoot

I said goodbye to my host family last night. They said they were really happy to have me there. I hope I didn’t give them too much trouble. I wish I could spend more time with them to practise Spanish but my Spanish was not good enough to converse. I still needed to think before … Continue reading Colca Canyon Trip Was Afoot

My One-Week Spanish Lesson

I had my first lección de español yesterday. Too much stuff to memorise. The grammar structure was really different from the English grammar. The teacher remembered the couple I met in Mongolia. One of my teachers was the couple's teacher. In fact, it was the couple who gave me the name of this escuela. After the … Continue reading My One-Week Spanish Lesson

Arequipa, A Beautiful City

My first stop was supposed to be Peru where I planned to take some Spanish lessons as recommended by the couple I met in Mongolia. However, as mentioned in my previous blog, I missed my flight to Peru so I started my journey without knowing any Spanish. I took the bus from Puno to Arequipa … Continue reading Arequipa, A Beautiful City

One Day Tour To Lake Titikaka

Lake Titikaka is full of artificial islands. They are also called the floating islands. They are different from those artificial islands formed by land reclamation. The local people used totora leaves as the foundation and then built the houses on top of those leaves. The foundation was as deep as 12 feet. The locals invited … Continue reading One Day Tour To Lake Titikaka

Cuzco To Puno

Here’s what the life of a backpacker on a normal day is like. 😁 - Sorted out the card problems. - Added more money to my phone card. - Had lunch at an ‘exotic’ restaurant. To me, it was foreign. To them, I was foreign. While I was having lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, a … Continue reading Cuzco To Puno

Machu Picchu, Finally!

Some of the French girls in my tour group asked me if I could speak Spanish. Apparently, I didn’t. They said it’d be easier for me to travel around South America if I knew some Spanish. In fact, my original plan was to fly to Peru and attend a one-week Spanish lesson with a language … Continue reading Machu Picchu, Finally!

Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip day 3

I had been doing some reflections over the past few days, ‘what is an adventure?’ As I write this blog (2021), I’m on a bus. Taking this bus trip is an adventure even I’m in my hometown. I rarely take buses but today, I have to go to a place that can only be accessed … Continue reading Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip day 3

Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip Day 2

What a Long day! We finished the cycling trip yesterday and started the jungle trail trip today. As suggested by its name, we went through the jungle. According to the tour guide, the Inca Trail we were taking was a secondary one. The commercial one had a quota and was very expensive. There were altogether … Continue reading Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip Day 2

Biking Tour – Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip Day 1

First day of the Machu Picchu Jungle Trail trip. There are many routes to Machu Picchu. Well, all roads lead to Rome. The most famous and expensive one is Salkantay Trek or Inca Trail. It’s so popular that you need to book it in advance. But I guess with the pandemic still around, you don’t … Continue reading Biking Tour – Machu Picchu Jungle Trail Trip Day 1