10 Ways Of Getting Around In Cambodia

Getting around in Cambodia is both easy and difficult.

Easy because I can think of 10 different ways of getting around in Cambodia.

Difficult because there are many new roads. Also, many of the roads that are in use are being ‘expanded’ so you can see road constructions around the country. Even on a well paved road, you can see potholes in some areas. And you need to know some Khmer (local Cambodian language) to communicate with the drivers and not all drivers know where you want to get off even if you show them the map on your phone and they are not patient at all.

For the difficult part, unfortunately, you need to live with it (that’s what I did). But for the easy part, I have listed the most common ways used by tourists and locals below.

Here’s how you can get around in Cambodia:

1. Motorbikes

2. Mobile Apps – PassApp and Grab (the most popular way in Cambodia)

3. Cars

4. Tuk tuk

5. Buses – intercity and within Phnom Penh

6. Minivans

7. ‘Taxis’

8. Trains

9. Hitchhiking

10. Flying

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