I've nearly forgotten about this option!  I didn't fly within Cambodia at all cos there are way too many cheaper options as you can see in my list. There are international airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. There are also domestic airports in Cambodia. There used to be more domestic airports (or airfields) but … Continue reading Flying

Mobile Apps

PassApp In recent years, a local Cambodian start-up company created PassApp. The way it functions is similar to Grab or Uber but instead of getting a private car, you get a tuk tuk-like vehicle. Once you download that App (it's better for you to get a Cambodian phone number cos the PassApp drivers may call … Continue reading Mobile Apps

Tuk tuk

An easy option. It's everywhere in Cambodia. Tourists love them. But you need to negotiate with the drivers the price before you hop on and they usually charge quite a high price. As a tourist, you need to be prepared to be ripped off.  You probably don’t mind because for you, it could just be … Continue reading Tuk tuk


Unlike motorbikes, if you want to drive a car in Cambodia, you must have a driver's licence. International driver's licence is accepted but you need to go through the local authority to get it recognized first. The local authority may then issue a local driver's licence. Note: you can't drive around with your international driver's … Continue reading Cars


The most convenient way will be to ride a motorbike. It's fast as well.  Imagine the traffic in the city is so congested that you have to wait in the car for half an hour to just move an inch then you will realize the benefits of riding a motorbike.   I brought my helmet … Continue reading Motorbikes

10 Ways Of Getting Around In Cambodia

Getting around in Cambodia is both easy and difficult. Easy because I can think of 10 different ways of getting around in Cambodia. Difficult because there are many new roads. Also, many of the roads that are in use are being 'expanded' so you can see road constructions around the country. Even on a well … Continue reading 10 Ways Of Getting Around In Cambodia