Learn Khmer

When you travel in Cambodia, you need to know some basic Khmer (Cambodian language). I find it easier to use the standard English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to show the pronunciation. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I was given some textbooks and websites from the priests and volunteers but none of the materials have … Continue reading Learn Khmer


I had raised my thumbs a few times along the highway in Kampong Cham at desperate times when I couldn't get a PassApp, or all PassApp drivers canceled my booking and the tuk tuk driver that I was familiar with was busy. Usually those who stopped asked me to pay so that's not really hitchhiking. … Continue reading Hitchhiking


There are only a limited number of routes for the trains. Some go from Phnom Penh to Kampot. I have never tried it because I was told it's very slow, much slower than the buses and minivans. (I have heard similar comments when I was travelling in South America where the locals also prefer not … Continue reading Trains

Mobile Apps

PassApp In recent years, a local Cambodian start-up company created PassApp. The way it functions is similar to Grab or Uber but instead of getting a private car, you get a tuk tuk-like vehicle. Once you download that App (it's better for you to get a Cambodian phone number cos the PassApp drivers may call … Continue reading Mobile Apps