Angkor Wat Day 3

Angkor Wat day 3 - I started to become very confused about the temples. Entrance of Beng Melea Ruins of Beng Melea According to the tour guide, Beng Melea used to be the palace of the king. The place is huge, and there is quite a lot of empty space. The tour guide explained that … Continue reading Angkor Wat Day 3

Angkor Wat Day 2

Angkor Wat Day 2 - sunrise at Angkor Wat, a standard thing all tourists do. I woke up at 4:45am to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat.   Since Angkor Wat is quite far from the hotel, it took us around 30 mins by car to get there.   It was still dark when we arrived at … Continue reading Angkor Wat Day 2

Angkor Wat Day 1

Angkor Wat Day 1. Yesterday, the driver asked me if I needed a tour guide. He said he knew a good one so I nodded. There he was, showing up with the driver in the morning. It was around 8:45 in the morning. We saw a group of people in the streets at the city … Continue reading Angkor Wat Day 1

My First Trip To Cambodia

My first trip to Cambodia was in 2008. I was thinking where I should go in winter that year and I decided that Southeast Asia would be the best as it wouldn’t be too hot. Angkor Wat appealed to me so I decided to go there. Little did I know that 11 years after that, … Continue reading My First Trip To Cambodia

My Secret

Cambodia is extremely sunny. It is summer all year round. There are only two seasons in the Kingdom - rainy season and dry season. You can feel the coolness and dryness at the end of November till the second week of December though. Three weeks only. And that's winter. Because of the strong sun, most … Continue reading My Secret

Funny Moments

There were so many happy and funny moments when I was in Cambodia. I'd love to share these with all of you. Thanks for the happy times, everyone. You are all my angels. 😊 Moments with the French volunteer: At a farewell party for a local priest, the students cried. The French volunteer consoled one … Continue reading Funny Moments


Intercity This is the most common form of transportation among travelers. There are numerous bus companies operating in Cambodia. They go to different towns / cities within Cambodia and to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. I took Sorya bus company but some expats suggest Giant Ibis. I asked a traveler from Chile who had tried Giant … Continue reading Buses

Mobile Apps

PassApp In recent years, a local Cambodian start-up company created PassApp. The way it functions is similar to Grab or Uber but instead of getting a private car, you get a tuk tuk-like vehicle. Once you download that App (it's better for you to get a Cambodian phone number cos the PassApp drivers may call … Continue reading Mobile Apps


Following on from my previous blog, I had to leave the village within a short time and I wasn't given enough notice.  So I decided to pack 2/3 of my belongings with me just in case I wanted to go back home but I chose Siem Reap in the end. This is my second time … Continue reading Finally