Goodbye To Quito

After my trip to Galápagos, I went back to Quito. The Galápagos trip included a return ticket to Quito so I had to be there even though I could stay in Guayaquil and from there, go to some other places. According to my journals, for those few days in Quito, it was like any other … Continue reading Goodbye To Quito

The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

It was indeed a much-anticipated trip but the nightmare came on my first day on the boat - my period came so I couldn’t go snorkelling. But, I had an idea. I remembered when I was in Fiji, I faced the same problem. How did I solve it? Not tampons. I got on a smaller … Continue reading The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

First Stop in South America – Ecuador

My first stop was supposed to be Peru and I even arranged a one-week Spanish lesson in Arequipa. However, I missed my flight so I took a plane to Ecuador instead. That was the earliest flight I could get. Ecuador, I’d say, was probably the hardest for me to travel around. I knew no Spanish, … Continue reading First Stop in South America – Ecuador