Goodbye To Quito

After my trip to Galápagos, I went back to Quito. The Galápagos trip included a return ticket to Quito so I had to be there even though I could stay in Guayaquil and from there, go to some other places.

According to my journals, for those few days in Quito, it was like any other days at home. I strolled around the city and then discovered something and then spent sometime there. It was at times quite boring. After I started my journey, Jen and Kevin and I still kept in touch. They would occasionally send me messages to see where I was and how I was doing. Jen once said to me, ‘backpacking is a lifestyle.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Wandering around the city, I heard some drums. It came from the presidential palace. Guess what and who I saw?

The guards outside the presidential palace
That was where the sound of the drums came from.
The president of Ecuador. Interesting. I have seen the King of Bhutan and the King of Cambodia and now the president of Ecuador. I wonder if I will be able to see any more famous people or kings in the future.
This is like a standard practice everywhere in the world. Wherever you see the president or the prime minister, you will see banners.

I had been using the new dictionary I bought the other day and Google translate so by then, I had acquired a few more Spanish words but of course, I still couldn’t understand what the banners said.

Where was I?

After joining the crowd at the presidential palace, I headed to Teleferico. I walked up to the viewpoint and here I was on my way up.

Quite a nice place. Unfortunately, the rain started to come.
The city was full of houses.
Unfortunately, the church was closed. I could only take a pic from the outside through the window.
The church
A juggler performing in the middle of the road. After that, he collected money from the drivers.
Dinner time! Live music! Want to listen to the whole song? Make a trip to Quito. 🙂
Visited a church
I walked past this museum and was invited in. It’s called Old San Juan de Dios Hospital museum. As suggested by its name, it was a hospital in the past.

It was a day of research and administration. I met a few backpackers and visited the Information Centre in the city to get information of an eco-friendly inn that I wanted to stay. It was quite popular among the backpackers but it was quite hard to get to. But I sorted it out in the end.

Before I left Quito and I knew that I wouldn’t be coming back, I met up with the coordinators of WCCM again. They invited me and the two German volunteers to try meditation in the evening.

An annual parade in Quito
According to a tourist from Switzerland, a big parade would happen on 6 December. Before that, there would be smaller parades like this one. All the participants in this parade were from places outside of Quito. They came to say ‘welcome to Quito’.

I spent sometime in the Guayasamine museum but I think the restaurant that I went to the other day in Quito had more information about the artist.

The evening came so I met up with the two girls at the same spot as I first met them and went to have a meditation session with the WCCM coordinators. The meditation lasted for 30 minutes. It was the first time the two girls tried it. When the meditation session finished, one of them said, ‘was it 30 minutes already?’ Since then, I practised it during this trip on and off. But I should pick it up again now that I have more time. I make it sound like I am a retiree. Not yet. Hopefully, I can work for a few more years. I still have some plans – plans to contribute more to the world.

The meditation session ended my journey in Quito. I bought my bus ticket to the eco-friendly inn in Chugchilan.  Another early morning tomorrow.

19 – 21 November, 2012

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