Last Few Days In Paris

My Deutsch classmate would leave the following day so we visited museums that she had never been to which included Musee d’Orsay. I used to like Romanticism, but after this visit, I fell in love with impressionism. I also like the works of Van Gogh especially those painted by him after he 'became mad'. But … Continue reading Last Few Days In Paris

The Sacred Medieval Mont Saint Michel

Since my Deutsch classmate (i.e. my friend) wanted to go somewhere different, we chose Mont Saint Michel. According to my guidebook, to go to the Medieval town from Paris, we need to stop at Caen and then take a train and then a bus. So, we followed that route and stayed here in Caen for … Continue reading The Sacred Medieval Mont Saint Michel

The Grand Versailles

After my solo unguided day tour yesterday :D, I travelled to Versailles. When I arrived there, a ceremony was going on. I still don’t know what it was for. It could be related to WWII. I googled it just now but couldn’t find much. I stayed there until it ended and then walked to Versailles. … Continue reading The Grand Versailles

Is Paris Romantic?

Is Paris Romantic? Well, my first impression of the city was, ‘This is a place for working.’ Interestingly, I didn’t find Paris romantic. Apparently, I see the world differently. 😀 I had read a lot about Paris before I went, like, the city was dirty, the dog owners left their dog poo in the streets, … Continue reading Is Paris Romantic?