Last Few Days In Paris

My Deutsch classmate would leave the following day so we visited museums that she had never been to which included Musee d’Orsay. I used to like Romanticism, but after this visit, I fell in love with impressionism. I also like the works of Van Gogh especially those painted by him after he 'became mad'. But … Continue reading Last Few Days In Paris

The Grand Versailles

After my solo unguided day tour yesterday :D, I travelled to Versailles. When I arrived there, a ceremony was going on. I still don’t know what it was for. It could be related to WWII. I googled it just now but couldn’t find much. I stayed there until it ended and then walked to Versailles. … Continue reading The Grand Versailles

Is Paris Romantic?

Is Paris Romantic? Well, my first impression of the city was, ‘This is a place for working.’ Interestingly, I didn’t find Paris romantic. Apparently, I see the world differently. 😀 I had read a lot about Paris before I went, like, the city was dirty, the dog owners left their dog poo in the streets, … Continue reading Is Paris Romantic?

Chat Over Coffee – Introduction To Christian Meditation

When we talk about meditation, most of the people will immediately think of the Buddhist meditation. In fact, Christian meditation also has a very long-standing history. This time, in our Chat Over Coffee series, we gave our audience an introduction to Christian meditation. I am so honoured to have two very experienced practitioners from Singapore … Continue reading Chat Over Coffee – Introduction To Christian Meditation

Funny Moments

There were so many happy and funny moments when I was in Cambodia. I'd love to share these with all of you. Thanks for the happy times, everyone. You are all my angels. 😊 Moments with the French volunteer: At a farewell party for a local priest, the students cried. The French volunteer consoled one … Continue reading Funny Moments

Cambodian Names

So, the French volunteer finally left Cambodia. Yes, finally. 😜 When she reads this, she’s going to curse me. 🤣 (check out our numerous funny moments together here.) We call each other buddy because we hate/love each other so much (note, I put 'hate' first. 😜). We had so much fun together. I thought I … Continue reading Cambodian Names

‘It’s all over…. I will be proud of myself’

Why did I end up in a minivan with a huge metal tin full of protein-rich insects right in front of me? It’s exam week for all the students (primary schools, high schools and universities) in Cambodia so I took some time off and decided to travel to Phnom Penh to attend a start up … Continue reading ‘It’s all over…. I will be proud of myself’