A Meaningful Christmas And Birthday Present For Myself

I decided to give myself a special and meaningful Christmas and birthday present. I received two emails one day - one from ORBIS and another one from a Christian group. In their newsletters, they invited their donors to have a site visit. The ORBIS one would go to Cambodia (max 8 people only) while the … Continue reading A Meaningful Christmas And Birthday Present For Myself

Funny Moments

There were so many happy and funny moments when I was in Cambodia. I'd love to share these with all of you. Thanks for the happy times, everyone. You are all my angels. 😊 Moments with the French volunteer: At a farewell party for a local priest, the students cried. The French volunteer consoled one … Continue reading Funny Moments


Intercity This is the most common form of transportation among travelers. There are numerous bus companies operating in Cambodia. They go to different towns / cities within Cambodia and to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. I took Sorya bus company but some expats suggest Giant Ibis. I asked a traveler from Chile who had tried Giant … Continue reading Buses

Cambodian Names

So, the French volunteer finally left Cambodia. Yes, finally. 😜 When she reads this, she’s going to curse me. 🤣 (check out our numerous funny moments together here.) We call each other buddy because we hate/love each other so much (note, I put 'hate' first. 😜). We had so much fun together. I thought I … Continue reading Cambodian Names

Hiking Is Like… Life. You Need to Take It Slow.

We left Cambodia and travelled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  It wasn't my first time to Ho Chi Minh City.  But this time, I was with a big group so that was a bit different. The students from Cambodia were very excited.  The first thing they saw at the border was the immigration of … Continue reading Hiking Is Like… Life. You Need to Take It Slow.