What Is It REALLY Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Four

After you have finished reading the previous 3 blog posts, you probably have a sense of what life is really like as a volunteer.  If not, after you have read my blogs from May to December, you probably have a lot more sense. If not, keep reading. LOL! Over the past (nearly) 8 months, I … Continue reading What Is It REALLY Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Four

What Is It Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Three

Now that you have found the organization that you want to volunteer for, the next thing is to find out what you need to know and prepare beforehand. It all depends on where you go and what kind of work you will do. In general: Health I got in touch with an NGO in Germany … Continue reading What Is It Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Three

Best Present

One of my friends says I write too much. 😂 So this week, I’m just going to drop a few lines. 😄 Just this week. 😄 In Cambodia, people have started to decorate the shopping malls (if there’s any) with Christmas trees, etc. Christians start to have Christmas parties. I got some presents from the … Continue reading Best Present

C’est la Vie

Days before I left the village, I saw one of my grade 12 students in the students centre. She was packing and was preparing to leave the centre. She told me, 'I passed the national university entrance exam and I got a scholarship to a college so I am moving there.' I asked her, 'are … Continue reading C’est la Vie


After I came back to town (civilization!*), I heard some news from a new French volunteer. When I first came here, I was teaching at the Boys’ Centre in this town for a few weeks. The new French volunteer told me casually that he's now staying there and sometimes the boys asked him to play … Continue reading Legacy

Good or Bad News?

'Hello, <student>. Let's resume our English lesson tomorrow.' I called my student on Friday after I came back to the village from Siem Reap and after THEIR long holiday.  Mind you, it's a  6-hour bus ride and after that, I had to take a tuk tuk from the town to the village and that cost … Continue reading Good or Bad News?


I switched to a hostel from the previous hotel this week as I could not afford paying that much for that long. The hostel has private rooms and it's half the price of the hotel so I moved.  (Here's my 'review' of the previous hotel that I stayed in: https://learnxtravel.com/2019/09/21/finally/) One thing good about staying … Continue reading Generosity


Following on from my previous blog, I had to leave the village within a short time and I wasn't given enough notice.  So I decided to pack 2/3 of my belongings with me just in case I wanted to go back home but I chose Siem Reap in the end. This is my second time … Continue reading Finally


'There will be no students when you come back to the village so don't come back until October.' I got this call when I was in a minivan heading to Phnom Penh.  'October when?' I asked. 'I don’t know.' The other person answered. 'Huh?!' was my response. Flashback to the beginning of last week. My … Continue reading Exodus

Home Alone

The chef finished her contract and the school holidays have begun.  The new chef is not on board yet because the management thinks it's better to wait until the school year commences when there are more students.  That makes sense.  The only full-time staff and some students left for Phnom Penh or Siem Reap over … Continue reading Home Alone