A Week In Myanmar

I went to Myanmar because of Aung San Suu Kyi. I really admired her. Of course, I didn't get to see her but having the chance to visit the country and seeing the progress she had made to her country was a joy. She was also admired by her citizens too. I contacted an expat … Continue reading A Week In Myanmar

A School Visit. Red Bull Gives You Wings!

The first thing I did right after I got off the overnight train from Astana to Almaty was to rush back to the hostel. It was 5am or 7am (?). I told the tourist I’d go out by myself for the whole day today. After we arrived at the hostel, he went straight to sleep … Continue reading A School Visit. Red Bull Gives You Wings!

Kindness Was All Around In Puerto Natales And Torres del Paine, Chile

I woke up early to catch the bus from Ushuaia, Argentina to Punta Arenas, Chile. Then I got on the bus and then crossed the border as usual. (I like the words 'as usual'. It does remind me of my 'nomadic' life. :)) The wind was very strong that day. Our bus was supposed to … Continue reading Kindness Was All Around In Puerto Natales And Torres del Paine, Chile

The Spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier

I checked in the hostel in El Calafate and paid for the tour to Perito Moreno which included a mini trekking on the glacier. It had always been my dream to do this glacier trekking since I missed the one in Franz Joseph long long time ago. Doing this one would be much better because … Continue reading The Spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier

Trekking To Laguna Torre

Another trekking day. I first went to the panoramic viewpoint (Loma del Pilegue Tumbado).   There was no one on the trail. I was the only person there. Eventually, I saw a couple but that's all. It was a very quiet place. The view wasn't spectacular - only some trees and short grass. I started … Continue reading Trekking To Laguna Torre

Trekking To Mount Fitz Roy

I went trekking for the whole day. I started late and before I left the hostel, I took a map at the reception. It said it'd take 4 hours one way to go to the mountain top. I still had time. It was a nice walk but very hot. I arrived at a cross road. The … Continue reading Trekking To Mount Fitz Roy

Machu Picchu, Finally!

Some of the French girls in my tour group asked me if I could speak Spanish. Apparently, I didn’t. They said it’d be easier for me to travel around South America if I knew some Spanish. In fact, my original plan was to fly to Peru and attend a one-week Spanish lesson with a language … Continue reading Machu Picchu, Finally!

C’est la Vie

Days before I left the village, I saw one of my grade 12 students in the students centre. She was packing and was preparing to leave the centre. She told me, 'I passed the national university entrance exam and I got a scholarship to a college so I am moving there.' I asked her, 'are … Continue reading C’est la Vie