The Spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier

I checked in the hostel in El Calafate and paid for the tour to Perito Moreno which included a mini trekking on the glacier. It had always been my dream to do this glacier trekking since I missed the one in Franz Joseph long long time ago. Doing this one would be much better because it’s a much bigger glacier.

My toe was killing me. It got worse after the trekking in El Chaltรฉn.

Throughout this trip, I didn’t use any guide books. I just relied on what people like the staff in the hostel and other backpackers told me. I had no plans. I met another girl here who was just like me – no guide book, no plans. It was like my time in Tibet. I only had a few places in mind – Galapagos in Ecuador, Machu Picchu in Peru, Patagonia in Argentina, Uyuni in Bolivia, Torres del Paine in Chile. That was all. When I arrived at a place, I had no idea where to go so I relied on the recommendations from the hostel or other backpackers. I was roaming around without having any ideas.

This is exactly what life is like.

Somehow life goes on whether you have an idea or not. Time doesn’t wait for you to clear your mind or wait for you to understand what’s going on. When you figure out what’s happening, you have already grown a few more years.

En route to El Calafate. I have seen this kind of blue before. In Tibet. My love, Tibet.
El Calafate, the town

An exciting day awaited me.

But before that, I checked out of the cheap hostel. It was funny that the hostel lady was happy. I bet she was not the owner. She was the one who chucked everyone out of the hostel. Along with me, some other backpackers from Israel also shifted to another hostel.

I met an Argentinian guy who was going to Ushuaia too. He recommended flying as the cost was similar to taking a bus. That sounded like a good deal.

The bus came. It first took us to the mirador to view the glacier.



I was so excited!ย 

Oh! The ice was so blue in the sun! It was so much bigger than the ones I had seen! You have to go there to see it in person yourself. The photos don’t do any justice. ย 

Perito Moreno Glacier. Huge!!!
Look at the surface of the glacier!
You can see the black lines on the glacier. Glaciers move all the time. When they move, they collect mud and sediments along the way. The dirt then becomes part of the ice.
The spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier
The glacier
The glacier
We jumped on to the tour bus at 3pm. The bus took us to the pier which was only dedicated to this tour company. We took the boat there.
The view we saw on the boat.
The ice!!!
The ice and the mountain. Beautiful!!
We disembarked. The guide took us through a little jungle.
Yeah! The welcome sign at the foot of Perito Moreno.
The glacier – a different angle
The guide explained to us the formation of this glacier and also the receding glacier. Then we started walking again.
Look at the ice! It looked so sharp! Wait, I think I have seen something like this in a movie before. Superman! His planet is full of spiky things like this! Well, then, why do we want to move to another planet?
We reached a point where all the crampons were hung. We put them and the gloves on (the gloves were not for the cold but for the sharp ice).
We started walking. I was so excited!!

The glacier was really big so I didn’t feel the danger at all (dangerous because, as I said, glaciers move all the time). We walked for a bit and then stopped and then took some photos.

A French girl I met paid 900+ peso for this tour but I paid 740 peso so I think I got a better deal but maybe her deal included something else (yes, this happens all the time in South America like my Colca Canyon tour. I paid much more than the others).

I had a good time. The ice was so big and blue! I met some German tourists in my tour too so I practised a bit of my German and said, ‘blau’. He then taught me, ‘if you want to say someone is drunk, you can say, “du bist blau”‘. The whole glacier was very drunk. LOL!

We had a look at the sinkhole (or a crevasse?). And one of the guides explained to us its formation. The one we saw was really deep, like 20 metres. Wow. I was so impressed.
You have to wear sunglasses because it was so white!
It’s actually quite weird to see packs of ice and then the muddy mountains with green trees and vegetation adjacent to each other. Nature always surprises us.
So pretty. The water from the glacier formed a narrow trail.
At the end of the trekking trip, we were given a glass of whiskey with ice from the glacier and chocolate cake like the Havana chocolate cake. Coooool! (It was really cool, actually cold). The whiskey was a bit strong but overall, it was GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ice tasted so fresh!! Oh, that’s one of the knowledgeable tour guides in the photo. ๐Ÿ˜€

That marked the end of the trekking trip. It was such a good one!

I came back to my new room. My three room mates were from Uruguay. They said their country was even more expensive than Argentina. Wow! I wouldn’t go there.

What a day! I had a very good time!!

Loved the glacier!

23 – 24 January 2013

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