Voice of Cambodian Youths

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still affecting the schools in Cambodia. The Cambodian youths told me the schools are still closed so I invited another Cambodian youth to write the same topic for me so that they won’t stop learning and practising English.  Let’s hear the Voice of another Cambodian Youth now! 😊   ***** Topic: What … Continue reading Voice of Cambodian Youths

Voice of Cambodian Youths

This week, I have invited another Cambodian youth to write a post for me but this time, it’s a bit different. He is not a full-time student. He is studying at a university but at the same time, he is working. But he said both are his full-time commitments. Hm… I still don’t quite understand. … Continue reading Voice of Cambodian Youths

Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking

Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking - how can these three be connected? Read on. 🙂 Amidst the spread of coronavirus, I went out to meet up with the 'founder' of Once Upon A Saga, Thor, an interesting Danish guy who initiated a very exciting project six years ago.  I have been following his adventure for quite … Continue reading Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking

Learn Khmer

When you travel in Cambodia, you need to know some basic Khmer (Cambodian language). I find it easier to use the standard English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to show the pronunciation. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I was given some textbooks and websites from the priests and volunteers but none of the materials have … Continue reading Learn Khmer

My Secret

Cambodia is extremely sunny. It is summer all year round. There are only two seasons in the Kingdom - rainy season and dry season. You can feel the coolness and dryness at the end of November till the second week of December though. Three weeks only. And that's winter. Because of the strong sun, most … Continue reading My Secret

Funny Moments

There were so many happy and funny moments when I was in Cambodia. I'd love to share these with all of you. Thanks for the happy times, everyone. You are all my angels. 😊 Moments with the French volunteer: At a farewell party for a local priest, the students cried. The French volunteer consoled one … Continue reading Funny Moments

Authentic Local Cambodian Food

So far, I haven't disclosed one thing fully - the food in the villages. 😂 Let's have a look at what authentic local Cambodian food I had in the villages. 😂 In the first village: Starting from April or May, you can find mangoes everywhere. Sometimes you can even see mangoes lying in the streets. … Continue reading Authentic Local Cambodian Food

I Saw the King!

No, not the statue of the King in the featured image of this blog post. LOL! Here's the King of Cambodia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4q5-ERon6Y&feature=youtu.be You can hear my voice saying silly things in the video.  LOL! I went to the boat race with the French volunteer and her family on the first day of Water Festival. Her … Continue reading I Saw the King!

Independence Day

Today (9 November) is the Independence Day of Cambodia. Every weekend, I have to come to Phnom Penh because there is no one in the campus (most of the staff either live in Phnom Penh or in the town near the college so they all go back home during the weekend).  Accommodation for me? Usually, … Continue reading Independence Day

College Life

A volunteer was leaving Phnom Penh.  Being so-called so close to the capital city, I went there to see her and had farewell dinner with her. It was a very nice dinner at an Indian restaurant (the volunteer is from India).  I don't want to describe the mouth-watering food now otherwise I will be hungry … Continue reading College Life