Voice of Cambodian Youths

Stuck at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19)? Wondering what to do at home? I’m sure you know you’re not the only one. In Cambodia, all the schools are closed too so I invited a couple of Cambodian youths to write something for me. 😊 I have been writing my blog from a volunteer’s perspective. I … Continue reading Voice of Cambodian Youths

What Is It REALLY Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Four

After you have finished reading the previous 3 blog posts, you probably have a sense of what life is really like as a volunteer.  If not, after you have read my blogs from May to December, you probably have a lot more sense. If not, keep reading. LOL! Over the past (nearly) 8 months, I … Continue reading What Is It REALLY Like To Be A Volunteer? – Part Four

Cambodian Names

So, the French volunteer finally left Cambodia. Yes, finally. 😜 When she reads this, she’s going to curse me. 🤣 (check out our numerous funny moments together here.) We call each other buddy because we hate/love each other so much (note, I put 'hate' first. 😜). We had so much fun together. I thought I … Continue reading Cambodian Names

Independence Day

Today (9 November) is the Independence Day of Cambodia. Every weekend, I have to come to Phnom Penh because there is no one in the campus (most of the staff either live in Phnom Penh or in the town near the college so they all go back home during the weekend).  Accommodation for me? Usually, … Continue reading Independence Day

College Life

A volunteer was leaving Phnom Penh.  Being so-called so close to the capital city, I went there to see her and had farewell dinner with her. It was a very nice dinner at an Indian restaurant (the volunteer is from India).  I don't want to describe the mouth-watering food now otherwise I will be hungry … Continue reading College Life