Norway In 2009

Yes! I went to Norway in 2009! It was their springtime when I went there but it felt like mid-winter to me. Thanks to a travel programme aired around that time, Norway became a very popular destination among the British. I got to know this when I met up with my friend in Norway on … Continue reading Norway In 2009

Hong Kong, Again

Apart from the Danish guy I met last week who is still stuck in Hong Kong because of coronavirus, I am also stuck in Hong Kong but I am fine with it, for now. For now. I caught up with some friends whom I hadn't seen for six or seven years and had a drink.  … Continue reading Hong Kong, Again

Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking

Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking - how can these three be connected? Read on. 🙂 Amidst the spread of coronavirus, I went out to meet up with the 'founder' of Once Upon A Saga, Thor, an interesting Danish guy who initiated a very exciting project six years ago.  I have been following his adventure for quite … Continue reading Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Viking