Hong Kong, Again

Apart from the Danish guy I met last week who is still stuck in Hong Kong because of coronavirus, I am also stuck in Hong Kong but I am fine with it, for now. For now.

I caught up with some friends whom I hadn’t seen for six or seven years and had a drink.  Life goes on in Hong Kong. I was actually quite shocked to see so many people in the streets and inside the MTR. Back in 2003 when SARS hit Hong Kong, I could only see around two or three people in the used-to-be busy streets in Causeway Bay. This time, it is different.

I was invited to a meeting this week. Those people said they wanted me to help them in their company overseas. So I went. I wish I didn’t go.  They basically insulted and humiliated me for what I did back in Cambodia.  They had no respect for teachers, educators and worse, volunteers.  Savage.

Why did they invite me in the first place? I still have no idea. Maybe they wanted to go to a circus but there is no circus in Hong Kong because of coronavirus. Yearning for entertainment, they invited me. Through humiliation and insult, they got what they wanted. I wanted to end the meeting several times during the meeting but I contained my emotions and responded politely. Even one doesn’t have any respect for me, I show my respect because I am a human being. I will never see them again.

Unfortunately, these ‘humans’ are everywhere.  It’s really unfortunate.  But what can we do about it? I can’t think of any way except we do our best and be respectful.  Hopefully, we can influence others.

We have entered into an era of ‘social responsibilities’. Companies that don’t include it in their business strategies will eventually lose their business. To achieve this, the first thing companies need to do is to hire the right people, not the type of ‘people’ who talked to me in the meeting.

We have to ask ourselves often, ‘how much can we give?’ instead of ‘how much can we get?’

Street art in Central
Street art in Central
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