I Really Like Cuenca

I met another backpacker in my hostel in Cuenca. We decided to walk around the city. I didn’t write down many details in my journal but as far as I remember, we took a bus to the lookout as both of us wanted to go there. You can find handicrafts here. Cuenca was really a … Continue reading I Really Like Cuenca

A Hike At Rio Verde, Baños

Cloudy. Occasional rain. I think that was what the weather was like at that time of the year. I decided to do some hiking at Rio Verde to see the waterfall which was a bit far from the Baños town centre so I took a bus which cost nearly nothing. On my way to Rio … Continue reading A Hike At Rio Verde, Baños

Terrible Bus Trip And Beautiful Baños

I woke up very early for the notorious bus ride to Chugchilan. The ecolodge called the trip ‘an adventure by itself’. Travelling in South America by bus is more common than by trains because buses are faster. I didn’t believe it too at first. Anyway, my plan was to stay at an ecolodge there. It'd … Continue reading Terrible Bus Trip And Beautiful Baños

The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

It was indeed a much-anticipated trip but the nightmare came on my first day on the boat - my period came so I couldn’t go snorkelling. But, I had an idea. I remembered when I was in Fiji, I faced the same problem. How did I solve it? Not tampons. I got on a smaller … Continue reading The Much-Anticipated Galápagos

First Stop in South America – Ecuador

My first stop was supposed to be Peru and I even arranged a one-week Spanish lesson in Arequipa. However, I missed my flight so I took a plane to Ecuador instead. That was the earliest flight I could get. Ecuador, I’d say, was probably the hardest for me to travel around. I knew no Spanish, … Continue reading First Stop in South America – Ecuador