The most convenient way will be to ride a motorbike. It’s fast as well.  Imagine the traffic in the city is so congested that you have to wait in the car for half an hour to just move an inch then you will realize the benefits of riding a motorbike.  

I brought my helmet with me but I only wore it as a passenger. I attempted to ride a motorbike but I nearly crashed into a car parked in the parking lot in a church where I learnt. Er… that car belongs to the bishop… Fortunately, I didn’t hit it. I managed to stop it before any accident happened. Phew!

Honestly, it just takes practice. It’s especially easy for people who are used to riding a bicycle. I am not that good at balancing and the motorbike is too heavy for me, so… yeah, I know, excuses. But I was happy to be a passenger. That also means you need to know a lot of people who can ride a motorbike and who are kind and generous enough to take you from one place to another. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I did meet many kind people. 🙂 (

According to the local Cambodians, many of them start learning to ride a motorbike when they are 10. So for them, seeing me riding a motorbike in such an awkward manner is pretty… strange.

You don’t need a driver’s licence to ride a motorbike.  So you can imagine how people ride them. I have seen a number of them riding in zigzag on a straight road. The locals always say, ‘even if you follow strictly to the rules, you could be hit by such reckless motorcyclists.’  

Not wearing a helmet is very common in Cambodia. The police is trying to enforce the law.  But you can still see people riding a motorbike without a helmet.

Needless to mention, overloading is also common. I have seen four people on one motorbike. Some of them are kids of course cos the motorbike is not that big to accommodate so many adults. Some have three adults on one motorbike. Overloading doesn’t just happen to motorbikes.  It also happens to cars, taxis, minivans, etc.

You can travel around the country with your motorbike. Bear in mind, it can be quite dusty (and very sunny and sometimes it can be pouring) so wear a mask (and a raincoat during rainy season).

Learning how to ride a motorbike

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