The Spectacular, Amazing And Awesome Iguazu Falls

It wasn’t that bad to be on the bus for that long. An attendant served us food on board. That was great. In retrospect, I think it was because a route for tourists. Hence, such service. The bus trip to Tucuman is something that I’ll never forget especially the seat near the toilet on the bus…

I saw the sunrise. The sky was red and orange with some clouds. It was amazingly beautiful. Sometimes we can’t take pictures of everything. We have to learn to let go.

I arrived at the hostel. It was around 10am or so. So, I asked the staff at the hostel what I could do. He recommended Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side. The reason was very simple – I didn’t have time for the Argentinian side (it normally required the whole day). The one on the Brazilians side was smaller. I took his advice and took a but at 12:20 pm.

I arrived at the Falls (the Brazilian side didn’t put a stamp on my passport).Β It was amazingly beautiful. Spectacular. Speechless! The photos didn’t do it justice!

At the entrance of the Iguazu Falls National Park on the Brazilian side.
The bus inside Iguazu Falls National Park took the tourists to different spots. Look at the clean road!
My first glimpse of Iguazu Falls!
Look how powerful the water is!
It didn’t look real!
How can this be real?
The water doesn’t look like water.

Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side. Look at the crowds! The water splashed on everyone.
In split second, I travelled from Brazil to Argentina. Can you see the changes in the colours?

I went back to the hostel and met my new room mate. We started talking and joking. There were only two of us in this room. Perfect. We started scheming what to say to each other if there were any other backpackers coming to view our room, ‘gosh! you snored so loudly yesterday!’ ‘You fart again?! It smells awful!’ But nobody came to view our room.

The next day, we went to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side together.

The weather was hot and humid as usual. We couldn’t go to Isla de San Martin because there was a flood. It was a pity but I was fine with it.

This little creature was running around in this restaurant. It wasn’t afraid of humans at all. What is the name of this animal? It has that long nose or mouth that sucks insects.
Trains (instead of buses) inside Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina
They were not leaves. They were butterflies.
Everything starts small, including waterfalls (it sounds very philosophical, I know)
The waterfall started to form.
Here you are! The powerful waterfall!
The gigantic waterfall!
They looked like angel’s hair.
Water flowed between the vegetation.
What kind of bird is this?
The national park was huge and you can spot the waterfall almost everywhere.
Does it look like somewhere in the Jurassic era?
It looked like the water from the waterfall touched the clouds in the sky.

The Argentinian side was much larger than the one in Brazil. It was spectacular, amazing, awesome and I was speechless.

Again, the photos didn’t do it justice.

Gaucho mate. At the entrance of the souvenir shop inside Iguazu Falls National Park

One difference I noticed (it was quite obvious) was the management of the parks on both sides. The Brazilian side was much cleaner and more organised than the Argentinian side.

We met some other backpackers at the hostel and made dinner together. It was so filling for me. I hadn’t had much to eat during this trip and this meal fed me so well. One of the backpackers was so funny. Almost every time he spoke, he would start the sentence with another person’s name, like those TV news anchors. So I imitated him, sat up straight and answered his question in a formal tone, ‘Yes, John.’ Everyone laughed. He later asked us to cut his hair. I volunteered (with a sinister smile). He looked at me with his eyes brightened up at first, and then hesitated (it was so fun to see all these changes on one’s face within a few seconds) and said, ‘no, not with that smile on your face.’ LOL! I thought I took a few photos of my roommate cutting his hair but probably I lost those photos.

Kim gave me information of another much cheaper hostel in Buenos Aires so I decided to stay there instead of my previous one which was a bit expensive for me.

If anyone asks me if Iguazu Falls is worth the visit, I’d say, ‘you have to see it yourself in person.’

5 – 6 January 2013

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