Back To Rome

I returned to my hostel in Rome from Florence. So cool! It was probably the cleanest hostel I had stayed at in Italy. It didn't have any spa or sauna but it was really clean. I decided to go to Isola so I walked there from my hostel. I went past Altare della Patria close … Continue reading Back To Rome


I didn't realize Roman forum and Palatino were that big. I started early in the morning and finished in late afternoon. I had to skip some places because I was too tired. I then walked to Colosseum but was told it was closed! 🙁 I had my ticket in my hands. I was so disappointed. … Continue reading Gladiators!

Vatican City

It is interesting to visit a country within a country. Vatican sits inside Italy. When I was a kid, I thought it was part of Italy. 'Where is Vatican City?' 'Italy!' 😀 The answer was correct geographically. I wanted to see the Pope but it wasn't really that easy. One of the teenagers from Cambodia … Continue reading Vatican City


After my Seychelles trip, of course, I went to Italy to visit my new friend and his girlfriend. I heard they were back together again. That was good news. I got in touch with the Italian guy who helped me when I was bitten by a dog in Chile but we didn't get to see … Continue reading Rome!