Vatican City

It is interesting to visit a country within a country. Vatican sits inside Italy. When I was a kid, I thought it was part of Italy. ‘Where is Vatican City?’ ‘Italy!’ 😀 The answer was correct geographically.

I wanted to see the Pope but it wasn’t really that easy. One of the teenagers from Cambodia saw the Pope when the latter visited Thailand. The Cambodian student went to Thailand with the church who organised that trip. The teenager showed me videos that he took during the trip. He was very excited and told me when he saw the Pope, he felt very peaceful.

Anyway, I booked the ticket to Sistine Chapel as well. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside the chapel so I can only show you other photos here.

Looking at Vatican City from Rome
‘Sphere within Sphere’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro, an Italian sculptor, inside Vatican Museum
Another side of the sphere
Beautiful artwork! It did look like a real outfit.
Stories from the Bible were painted on the ceiling. This was Peter and Jesus at the lake. It was probably the time when Jesus first met Peter and told him to go fishing again. Peter caught many and then came back and followed Jesus.
Jesus, the well and the woman. Many said that this woman was Magdalene. I insisted that it wasn’t. I felt uncomfortable that Magdalene played so many roles in the Bible – a prostitute, a faithful disciple, etc. It didn’t make any sense to me. Last year, I asked a girl who was newly baptized as a Christian. She sent me an article explaining that Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute. And then a Catholic told me the name ‘Magdalene’ originated from the place ‘Magdala’. So, the woman who was called Magdalene in the Bible could be from the place Magdala.
I thought they were drapes. But they were actually some carvings on the wall! Amazing!
Views through the windows of Vatican Museum
What a beautiful sculpture!
Even the floor looked so beautiful.
A tapestry – Jesus ascended to Heaven
Beautiful ceiling. I am sure I started having neck pain back then.
I like maps especially this kind. It says Sicilia (Sicily) but it doesn’t look like the modern Sicily.
This one is clearly Italy. The boot still looks the same nowadays.
A very small sculpture (bronze). Jesus was holding the lost sheep. Ba…!!!! I like the expression of Jesus’ face – so kind. If Jesus has chosen you, wherever you are, He’ll find you.
This is another deceiving painting. Yes, the window is just a painting.
The Last Supper on tapestry. It reminds me of Da Vinci Code, the movie.
Donato Creti, Astronomical observations, 1711. Can you believe it? This series of paintings was commissioned in 1711 and back then, Jupiter and other planets could be spotted. Powerful telescope! The first on the right was a comet, beside it was Jupiter. You can check the details here.
The stairs inside the museum
St. Peter’s Basilica. The Basilica was built above the tomb of Peter, the first Pope.
The uniforms of the guards in Vatican carry a long history.
The interior of the Basilica
Pietà, a very famous sculpture by Michelangelo. The great artist signed it but I couldn’t find the signature. This sculpture was protected by a glass box.
The interior of the Basilica. So beautiful!
The Basilica at night.

I have taken many other beautiful photos, so many that I can’t decide which ones to post… 😀

When I got into St. Peter’s Basilica, a Mass was going on. A voice kept telling me that I should ask the staff to let me in to take the communion. (I was very late. The Father had already blessed the communion). The voice was so strong that I couldn’t resist so I took the communion in Vatican. That was a blessing even though it wasn’t the Pope who said or prayed the Mass.

I bought train ticket to Venice but I still needed to buy more to other destinations. The hostel staff helped me and they got me some discounts too. 🙂

9 March, 2015

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