Honeymoon With The Third Wheel

Before I went to Turkey and while the bride was planning her honeymoon, I told her about my paragliding trip as well.  She sent me her itinerary. It happened that the time they planned to go to Oludeniz was the same as the time I was supposed to meet up with my paragliding coach and … Continue reading Honeymoon With The Third Wheel

The Wedding Day!

The wedding day! The bride was too busy preparing for her wedding so we agreed not to hang out with each other. She would be busy with her own things and I would mind my own business which was… to do nothing. 😛  I had become very good at that lately.  I woke up late … Continue reading The Wedding Day!

Henna Party in Karaman, Turkey

I flew from Istanbul to Konya in the morning for my friend’s wedding in Karaman. Karaman is a small town. According to my friend, Turkish people who have emigrated overseas like to live in this town. In other words, most of the people living in this town have some relatives in other countries. However, like … Continue reading Henna Party in Karaman, Turkey