Back To The Hot Istanbul

The hot summer in Turkey was killing me so I deliberately booked a day bus from Izmir to Istanbul to avoid the hot sun. I could have slept in the night bus and saved one night’s accommodation but it was really too hot for me to walk around in the city during day time. I … Continue reading Back To The Hot Istanbul

Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

After the tandem paragliding pilot told me about Kayaköy, the ghost town yesterday, I decided to go there today. It used to be a town where Muslims and Christians lived. There was no conflict. Everyone lived harmoniously. But after the war between Greece and Turkey, things changed. Muslims stayed in Turkey and Christians in this … Continue reading Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

The Wedding Day!

The wedding day! The bride was too busy preparing for her wedding so we agreed not to hang out with each other. She would be busy with her own things and I would mind my own business which was… to do nothing. 😛  I had become very good at that lately.  I woke up late … Continue reading The Wedding Day!

Two Missions in Turkey – Wedding And Paragliding

I needed to accomplish my two missions in Turkey. The first one which was paramount was to attend my friend’s wedding. She was marrying a Turkish guy. Nobody from her family could go to Turkey but she really wanted her friends from Asia to attend her wedding in Turkey. I was the only person who … Continue reading Two Missions in Turkey – Wedding And Paragliding