Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

After the tandem paragliding pilot told me about Kayaköy, the ghost town yesterday, I decided to go there today. It used to be a town where Muslims and Christians lived. There was no conflict. Everyone lived harmoniously. But after the war between Greece and Turkey, things changed. Muslims stayed in Turkey and Christians in this … Continue reading Kayaköy, The Ghost Town

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Paragliding

I joined my paragliding group for a one-day boat trip. It turned out that the Butterfly Valley that the boat went to can be accessed by public buses. When those who were suffering from seasick knew that, they said to me with their eyes wide opened, ‘Really?! Where’s the bus stop? I want to take … Continue reading Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Paragliding

Thermal Bath. Minor Paragliding Accident in Olüdeniz

There is one advantage of staying in a Thermal Bath hotel. You have the thermal bath right inside your room.  The hotel staff showed me how to use it when I checked in with the newlywed last night. Of course, they stayed in a separate room.  😀 But I didn’t try it in my own … Continue reading Thermal Bath. Minor Paragliding Accident in Olüdeniz