I Like Tromso!

I liked Tromso. I still do. 😊

We took a domestic flight from Oslo to Tromsø. Yes, this is the correct way to write it but I will just keep it simple and make it easy for my keyboard and myself – ‘Tromso’. Before we boarded the plane while we were still in Oslo, my friends suggested me to buy a few more kg for my backpack because it might be oversized (my backpack was left behind when I travelled to Cambodia for the first time) but I forget if I did. LOL!

I love maps like any other avid travellers so when I was on the plane, I read a travel magazine and studied the map of Norway – our routes and places that my friend put in our itinerary. We probably added a couple more after reading the magazine. Hm… I think we did.

We arrived in Tromso when there was still day light.  It was springtime so the sun remained in the sky for quite long 😀 but it wasn’t long enough for us to witness the midnight sun. However, if we wanted to see that, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to catch the aurora. It’s either one of those two. Difficult choices but we knew our preference well. The good thing was all of us had the same preference. No arguments. Thumbs up.

After we arrived in Tromso, all of us fell in love with it. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay there for too long. We had to get things done – renting a car, buying groceries for the long journey ahead, etc. and that left us only a few hours to explore the town. Apparently, my friend’s husband was happy to be away from gloomy Denmark too.

My friends described Denmark as gloomy a few times. In fact, when I search on the internet now, all the countries in Northern Europe have similar weather. It’s just that we were fortunate when we were in Norway. If the couple had stayed in Denmark during that time, they could probably see the sun and the blue sky there too. Probably.

A very typical shot of a Northern European country. LOL!
The pile of snow beside the statue makes it look like he was shovelling the snow. Can anyway from Norway tell me something about this statue?

We stumbled upon a gallery / museum after we finished doing our chores. As fans of art, we went in. It exhibited the lives of northern Europeans in the past.  If I remember correctly, there was a video too.

One of the paintings in the gallery.

‘Are we going to come back to Tromso?’ I asked as I was looking at the souvenirs in the souvenir shop / visitors’ centre after we had our meal. My friend said, ‘no, so if you want to buy any souvenirs or whatever, buy them now.’ ☹ I bought a woollen hat for practical reason and of course, I liked it. I am still keeping it. 😊  The flag of Norway was sewn on it.

What is that white building? It looks unique.
A closer look on camera

We saw a very interesting building across the harbour and we were very curious so we drove to that place. It turned out that it was a church.

This church is commonly known as Arctic Cathedral. It has a very modern design, so modern that we didn’t expect it to be a church. It was very quiet and peaceful inside and yet very welcoming.

As time flew by, we had to leave Tromso. Sad face again. ☹

On our way to our next destination, we saw the beautiful sunset.

The good thing about driving is that you get to stop at anytime and anywhere as long as there is space for you to pull over and as long as you are not breaking the traffic rules. (Gosh! I start to sound like a lawyer.) We got to catch the sunset… in the cold, with my runny nose which my friend took a photo of and laughed at… Yeah, right. That’s what friends are for…


We never get sick of sunrise and sunset. They are gifts from our wonderful nature.

We stayed in another hostel that night. It was so quiet. There was nearly no one there except the three of us and a handful of staff. After all, it wasn’t the peak season so we enjoyed having the entire kitchen, shower room and dining room to ourselves.

We would explore an interesting place which wasn’t in our original itinerary tomorrow.

Stay tuned. 😊

31 March 2009

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