The Freezing Cold Hotel – The Ice Hotel

After our sumptuous reindeer meat dinner yesterday, my friends and I packed all our bags and got ready to leave. But before that, we needed to check out our last item in our itinerary which was… The Ice Hotel! 😊

We had never thought of staying there overnight because It was too expensive for us but just visiting it was fine.

The entrance of the Ice Hotel. Are you ready for the cold? 😉
Once we opened the door, we saw this.

It was such a beautiful architecture. It was a hotel made by of blocks of ice decorated with different colours of lights and candles. Not only that, we also saw many ice sculptures in different shapes, like bears and wolves and little humans and angels. Some of them looked like baby Jesus in Mary’s arms and another one looked like Joseph with a staff.

Baby Jesus in Mary’s arms
Joseph with a staff
Was this a chapel? Yes, it was. It was probably weddings.
I can see vaguely the feature of this little girl.
One of the bedrooms in the Ice Hotel
The bar inside the Ice Hotel. Even the glasses they used were made of ice. My lips feel so cold now.
How could there be a fireplace? Wouldn’t the ice be melted?
Don’t leave yet. Get a drink. Gin and tonic?
Dining area
Leave your name here. 😊 I think I did. 😊
We have to leave now…

When I arrived in Oslo and I went to see my friend who was also travelling in Norway . We had only one day because tomorrow, she’d leave Oslo for another city in Norway and I’d be leaving the country.

I was waiting for her at the reception of her hotel while she was getting ready to see me. When she appeared, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

‘Gosh! You dyed your hair blonde! It was red or ginger red when I first met you in Chengdu! (I mentioned her briefly in my blog about Qom in Iran.)

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While we were waiting at the bus stop, we talked about our jobs and so on and then she said, ‘It’s so hard to imagine you working in the office. You just don’t look like someone who’ll stay in the office.’ I laughed. I couldn’t imagine it myself too.

I don’t remember what we ate that night but I am sure we had a lovely time catching up with each other.

The gloomy weather in Oslo. The snow on the ground was all gone.

The next day, I had some time left before I headed to the airport so I visited a museum.  Guess where I went to? 😉

It’s so heart breaking just to see this painting.
The sketch of The Scream

That ended my cold journey in the beautiful snowy Norway.

My friends and I ticked all the items on our bucket list. Not only that, we spent time together and shared some thrilling experiences together too. They all formed part of our memories. And some of these only live in their memories as I wasn’t directly involved, like my ‘blonde’ friend who rushed down from her room to see me at the reception left her passport in the safe in her room and totally forgot about it when she checked out the next day and continued with her journey until she needed to show her passport… She told me this when we saw each other again in England a few years after this trip. 😀 Stay tuned. 😉

Travelling never stops even if it’s just my mind doing all the job right now.  😊

7-8 April 2009

P.S.1 I checked my old email and found out that my ginger red haired friend didn’t really tell me which hotel she was staying in. She gave me two names in her email. We didn’t have each other’s phone number. We relied on our email. I tried both hotels to find her and I finally did see her. Lucky that she stayed with one of them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen each other and then had dinner together.

P.S. 2 I tried to reach my ginger red haired friend this year but her email doesn’t work anymore. Hope she will somehow see this post. In fact, I really admire her. When I first met her in Chengdu in China before I flew to Tibet, she told me she had just finished her solo trip in India. WOW! But she said, ‘It’s incredible but I don’t recommend any female to travel there solo.’ We had hot pot dinner in Chengdu that night. LOL!! She didn’t intend to eat but when she saw the hotpot, she couldn’t resist it. LOL!! A few years after I saw her again in Norway, she went to Afghanistan. She said I inspired her to do that. Actually, I think she inspires me too. Now, I want to travel to Afghanistan. It looks so beautiful! All the best with her! 😊

By the way, Merry Christmas 2020 to you all! 😊

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