Surprises In Norway!

We had a wonderful day yesterday dogsledding on the pure white snowy terrain in Karasjok. Today, we had to say goodbye to all the staff – the human staff and the furry four-legged staff – and headed to another destination, Kautokeino. 

As we headed further south, we went past this building. 

We curiously got out of our car and explored this place. It was actually a very difficult walk around this building because the snow was very thick – it went up to our knees (we are of average height).

It turned out that one of the buildings there was a library.
One of the items hung on the walls in the library.  It reminds me of the carpet that I saw in Iran.

We stopped at a Sapmi exhibition for a while.

Sapmi’s winter dwelling

After that, we continued to drive down.

Our car suddenly stopped.

What was going on?

We went out of the car and checked.

Here came our first surprise of the day.

Our car was stuck in the thick snow.

We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Nobody could help us because there was literally nobody there, apart from the three of us.

We tried to move the car but couldn’t.

My friend’s husband called the tow for help. It was so expensive that our jaws dropped. But we had to use them. Otherwise, we’d be stuck there. And the car was rented.

We waited in the cold.  We were fortunate enough to have another sunny day today and it wasn’t as cold as Nordkapp. Lucky that this didn’t happen in Nordkapp.

The tow came after we waited for about half an hour (or more) and it easily brought our car out of the snow. It took just a few minutes to do it. I wonder if the driverless cars will be able to come out of the snow so easily without any external help or if they will be able to avoid these traps or quicksand in the first place. I believe they will. If not, please forward this blog to those car manufacturers to remind them of this. Hm… will I get any credits for giving them ideas?  Maybe not. 😛 Anyway, let’s go back to 2009.

We visited a museum.
A tent they lived in the past.
Yeah! I know there is no need to be excited about it as it’s just a kind of transportation but this reminds me of Christmas and Santa Claus.

I missed the dogsledding experience…

After we left the museum, we saw the dogs again… Wait! That’s our dogsledding guide!!  Wow! They went so far!!  Hi!!!!!!  What a nice surprise!!!!

We went back on the smooth road and all of a sudden, we saw a wild reindeer crossing the road. Not just one, but a herd of them!!! 

Take a photo!!!

Both our car and another one stopped for the reindeers.

We looked at them in our car admiring them especially their beautiful antlers, ‘Wow!’

‘I had been looking for information on where to see reindeers. I couldn’t believe my eyes! They are everywhere here!’ said my friend.  Her husband found a nice spot to stop the car and we all got out.

More and more of them crossed the road.
I think they belonged to someone living near that area.
Feeding time

It must be feeding time for these reindeers.

‘Yeah! We are going to eat you tonight.’ My friend’s husband said pointing at the reindeers. LOL!!!

We went past a cemetery and paid respect to the dead for a while.

I like to look at the birth year and the year they passed away. There are many sad moments too when I look at those dates. Sometimes, I see graveyards of babies. What was the world like to them? Maybe they didn’t even have the chance to see it but they had a brief moment to taste love and that was probably enough for their short lives. May the souls rest in peace.

We discovered another interesting building on our way.

Was it a shop? Or was it a museum? Or was it a studio?

We had no idea.

But we loved the design of the building.

The interior of the shop
Another storey of the building
The lowest level of the building. I love the carpets. If you have been following my blogs, you’ll know what I am going to say.  LOL! Yes, the Iranian carpets again!
Let me scan this fingerprint see if I can unlock any smartphones… LOL! Back in 2009, there wasn’t such function on our phones.
I am sure it was you who came to visit me in Burfjord.

We finally arrived at Kautokeino at night. We were extremely hungry so we found a restaurant and honoured our promise – to eat reindeer meat. 😀

Was it really reindeer meat? I think it was. I remember it was quite delicious. I hated using that camera to take photos of food. It (or I) could never get the focus right. The phones we use nowadays in 2020 do a much better job.

My friend’s husband was happy, ‘We saw you alive this afternoon and now you’re on our dinner plate.’  😀

It was our last dinner together. Tomorrow, we’d split. They’d go back to Denmark and I would stay in Oslo for a night. On our dinner table, you can see a piece of paper. That’s our itinerary my friend prepared. She was checking what else we hadn’t done.  Actually, we did everything and went to all the places we (or she) planned (and even didn’t plan) except for one place which we’d visit tomorrow before we left for our own destinations.

Stay tuned. 😊

6 April 2009

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