The Speechlessly Spectacular Northern Lights!

Early in the morning, I was woken up by some strange sound. It sounded like something was walking outside my room in the snow. A person? But the footsteps sounded very light, too light to be an adult. A kid? It couldn’t be. The kid should be accompanied by an adult so I should be able to hear more footsteps. 

I guessed I knew what it was.


The image of a hare came into my mind.

That matched the sounds.

I decided to continue to lie on my bed to listen to that sound instead of drawing the curtains and taking photos. I didn’t want to scare it.

After it was gone, I got up and opened the curtains. I could see the footprints of the hair right outside my windows. It was soooo close to me. I could imagine the size of it from the footprints too.

It was so cute!!!

Today, my friend scheduled to go snowshoeing in the woods. She borrowed snowshoes from the lodge owners. After all of us filled our tummies, we started.

This was where we stayed for the night.
We walked around the area around our lodge first and then we explored further.
We arrived at a lookout point close to our house and then we saw more mountains close to where we were too so we decided to go up to have a look.
Slowly ascending…
As we ventured through the mountains, we saw this fiord. Gorgeous!
I printed this on a postcard and sold it in my second solo photo exhibition. The title is ‘Life’.  If you like this title too, tell me. 😊
We could easily tell where the wind came from.
A typical shot of a lake
Look at these footprints!! Hare? Bear? Or?
My friend and I
The sun was setting

My friend learnt from the owner of the lodge when she borrowed the snowshoes this morning that there were actually northern lights last night but they appeared in another direction, thus, we didn’t see them.

So, our strategy for tonight was to wait outside our house after dinner and after it became dark.

We brought all of our equipment outside. 

The sky was clear just like yesterday. We could see the stars shimmering in the dark blue sky. The moon was shining above the lake. It looked exceptionally bright in the dark. The white clouds that looked like cotton swayed in the wind.

We kept looking at the sky.

My neck started to feel sore.

We still couldn’t see anything.

Well, we could see things but they were not northern lights. They were some images that formed by our own eyes because they were too tired from looking at the dark sky for too long.  

My friend’s husband said, ‘maybe it’s still too early to see the northern lights. Maybe we need to wait for a longer while.’

He was right.

Not long after that, he said to us, ‘is that it?’

He sounded unsure but as we turned towards the direction where he was pointing at…

A faint sight of northern lights with our lodging as the background. It’s ok if you can’t see it. LOL!

‘YES!!’ We were so excited!!

At first, it was very faint but then it started to become denser and denser so dense that they became very clear to us.

Then more and more emerged. They were in different corners of the sky around us.

It was indeed absolutely speechlessly spectacular!

They elegantly and gently spiralled, and gracefully danced in the sky harmonising with the tranquil background as if they were celebrating spring and the beginning of life in a quiet manner.

It felt so peaceful!

I felt so tiny!

We took numerous photos.

However, all of a sudden, my camera indicated to me that it was running out of battery.

‘How come? I charged the battery this morning!’

My friend’s camera was still working.

I tried to fix it but still couldn’t. Damn it!

My friend then said, ‘just enjoy the show.’

I could only watch.

As it was getting darker, the temperature was also getting lower.

I started to shiver.

It was too cold.

They felt the same too so we packed our equipment and went back in the house.

That’s me under the northern lights in my down jacket.

We could see the northern lights over the lake through the large glass window in the house.

My socks were wet, so were my feet because my feet were soaked in the thick snow for too long. When my friends saw how thin my socks were, she was shocked.

But we didn’t care too much about it.

We turned off all the lights and continued to admire the gift presented to us from nature.

I took out my camera from my down jacket and found that the battery was running again.


It was too cold outside so it malfunctioned.

I sold that camera after I went back home and bought another one (the same brand that my friend was using).

Northern lights!

‘It’s so much better inside the house. So much warmer.’ My friend said. Couldn’t agree more. My dry feet were very happy.  

The northern lights started to fade in the sky.

The curtains of the nature’s stage came down. Then came the next show performed by the moon and the stars which sent us all to a sweet dream.

2 April 2009

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