Dogsledding In Norway!

Yeah!! Dogsledding was one of the items on our bucket list!!!  I love dogs! I love huskies!! They look so cute!! 

Where should we go dogsledding? My friends had it all organised. 😊

Nordkapp was indeed very cold, much colder than Burfjord but the hostel was warm enough so there was no need for us to check the temperature at all… until early morning when we went outside to our car…

My friend’s husband said, ‘Gosh! Do you know how cold it was yesterday?’

I shook my head.

He continued, ‘it was -19 degrees Celsius!!’


‘No wonder I was freezing!!!’

We drove down from Nordkapp to Karasjok. The weather changed and the temperature rose back to around -2C.

‘Ah, it’s only -2C. That’s nothing.’ Just a day or two ago, we complained about -2C. We could soon become real Norwegians. LOL!!

My friend booked a very nice and warm lodge in Karasjok which specialised in dogsledding. Er… it wasn’t the lodge. It was the dogs that they kept and the guides that specialised in dogsledding. 😀

This was part of our room. It had this living / dining room, a few beds, a kitchen and of course a bathroom. Basically, it was a house. 😊

We were greeted by many dogs. 😊  They were so cute!!! They had excursions every day. The staff said, ‘They love working.’ I LOVE touching them. They felt so warm!!  😊

We were so excited! 😊 When I write this post now, I literally jump up and down too. 😊

‘Ar….oooooooo!’ All of them were getting ready to work. 😊 They were very excited about working!!  This attitude only applies to some humans. 😀
‘Why are you following me? Why do you want to take a photo of me? OK, just one photo. Got it? Now, leave me alone.’  😛
Ho, ho, ho!! HAHAHA!!!  😀 Similar to the horses, the dogs farted and pooed when they were running on the snow. LOL!!!
She was our guide and these were her staff. 😊
We had our lunch in the wild. But first, we needed fire. We didn’t have a lighter so what should we do? Our guide built the fire! While she was starting the fire, she said excitedly, ‘Can you hear it? A woodpecker is near us!’ Yes!! I could! I could hear a bird hitting a tree! Awesome!

Our guide asked us to pick some dry twigs. ‘How do I know if they are dry? They all look very dry to me.’ (or very wet to me) My friend and the guide taught me. 😊 I learnt something now. See? That’s what I mean by Learn x Travel. You learn when you travel. 😊

In fact, most of the twigs were too wet for the fire. Remember, everywhere was covered with snow. In the end, we could only grab a few.

We also grabbed some clean snow on the ground.  Yes, we drank snow. Actually, I did it again when I was trekking to Koruldi Lake in Georgia and had a stomach problem afterwards. Check it out here.

It wasn’t an easy task to control the dogsled. The dogs were still very happy and energetic at the end of the day but I was very tired.  At night, we heard some of them howl. That was so cute.  I wish I could understand the dog language. Maybe they were saying, ‘I enjoyed the work today.’ ‘yeah, me too. But that guest didn’t even know how to select dry twigs. Dumb!’ LOL!!!  Or maybe they had very short memory and had already forgotten this dumb guest. LOL!!!!

Satisfied. 😊

But we needed to leave tomorrow for another destination. ☹ I had to say goodbye to the huskies… ☹

I would see more huskies again when I travelled to Iceland in 2016. 😊  But let’s come back to Norway in 2009 first.

We would go somewhere tomorrow and more surprises awaited us.

Stay tuned. 😊

5 April 2009

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  1. I was dogsledding last weekend – close to Berlin!
    It was much warmer and there was no snow, we used a cart

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