Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, always criticizes that schools never provide us financial education.  Now, as a teacher (or a coach), I want to give my students some ideas.  No, I didn’t teach them how to get rich.  Rather, I gave them a surprise [sinister laugh].

I gave them a topic.

Ready for the first financial literacy lesson?

Here’s the 1-minute presentation:

‘If you were given USD100, how would you use it?’

Their presentation should include:

1. their name and their grade

2. what can people buy with USD100 in Cambodia?

3. how would you use USD100?

I gave them one day to prepare for the presentation.

This is actually quite a difficult topic for grade 9 – 12 students but since they have given me so many surprises, I decided to give them this topic as a surprise in return.  πŸ˜› In fact, as mentioned in our mission statement, I want to support kids from poor families through my Learn x Travel scholarship.  Hence, I wanted to check their concept of money and how they would use it.

How would you use USD100?

However, only one could tell me that USD100 could pay for 3 meals for a month for a family (but he didn’t mention the size of the family).  Most of them told me they could buy a lot of things in Cambodia (very vague). 

In terms of spending the USD100, a couple of them told me how they would divide the USD100 and how they would spend them.  Most of them said they would use it wisely and only on necessary things and that they would also avoid spending money on ‘bad things’. For some students, their parents are alcoholic and domestic violence is commonplace in this country still, so when they mentioned ‘bad things’, I felt sad for them.

This exercise was also to test their English proficiency, of course. They have been learning international phonetic alphabet (IPA) for a month now.  Their English should have improved a bit if not a lot. I was very happy to see that they took this presentation very seriously and ‘tried’ their best.  After all, my lesson isn’t a compulsory subject in their school.  One of them made a sign of the cross before she started her presentation.  That was how nervous she was.

It was a good start. Will I give them more surprises?  Of course, yes!

Stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

Another surprise from my students. They love writing messages on the board. πŸ˜€ Well, yes, there are some mistakes but it’s ok… for now. πŸ˜› This happened before I told them about the presentation. Lol. They may not love me this much after I gave them the topic. LOL!!

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