‘If They Can Do It, YOU Can Do It Too. YOU Can Even Be BETTER!’

My students love to give me surprises. This time, they wrote more on the board which I was happy to see. 🙂 This time, they wrote, ‘We love our teacher. God bless you teacher. ‘ 🙂

When I checked the attendance, some of the names were missing on the list on the board. So I said with a sad face, ‘oh, [name of a student] doesn’t love me.’ The students laughed.  Those students whose names were not on the board shouted, ‘teacher, yes, I love you.’  😛

My dear students, since you give me surprises occasionally, I will prepare some for you too (with sinister laughs).

Flashback to a few days before that, I gave my students a deadline. Here’s what happened:

‘I want to show you some videos. These people are Cambodians and they speak good English. I won’t say perfect because the speakers made some mistakes too.’ 

I decided to show my students some videos that I found on YouTube over the weekend to show them that Cambodians can also speak good English. 

After I finished playing the videos, I made a spontaneous speech:

‘I am teaching you everything that I know. Everything. All the skills that you need to know to speak good English. After I leave, you can still apply the skills I teach you. I’m not withholding anything.  Nothing at all.  If you work hard on this, you will speak like them or even better. They speak good English but not perfect English. If they can do it, YOU can do it too.  YOU can even be BETTER!’ 

In one class, the students nodded with determination and said, ‘yes!’

In another class, some students’ eyes were filled with tears and they said with a nod, ‘yes’. 

That’s all I can do as a teacher. 

In fact, I have never considered myself as a teacher. I’m more like a coach, I think.  If someone insists that I am a teacher then I am an unconventional one. 😛  Look how I teach my students English in my videos then you will know.  Hm… actually, this reminds me of a movie.  Guess which one?  Yes, ‘The King’s Speech’. 🙂

Guess what word they are practising? Yes, that’s correct. It sounds good, right? 🙂 I am so proud of them and I should be proud of myself too. The unconventional teaching method invented by me rules! 😛

So here comes the deadline: ‘three months!  If your English doesn’t improve in the next three months, either you leave or I leave. I am serious.’ I said.  They shouted, ‘No!’  They then started to learn it very seriously… although we still joke and I enjoy their jokes, in English.

As for the surprises that I am going to give them?  [sinister laughs again]

Stay tuned.  I will update that in my next week’s blog.  😛

Want to learn English in an unconventional manner? Message Me! I’d be happy to see you. 🙂

Double rainbow
A faint double rainbow appearing above the kindergarten

P.S. My mum messaged me and asked me why I was still awake. It was 7pm Cambodian time and then she started asking me what time I got up.  I told her, ‘I am staying in a house next to a kindergarten.  A little kid at the kindergarten loves to cry loudly at 7am almost every day.  So what time do you think I get up in the morning?’  Now, this is my village life in Cambodia.


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