‘Sing Alleluia to the Lord!’

When I attended the mass on Sunday with my students, they sang this song ‘Sing Alleluia to the Lord’ in Khmer, one part only. Hence, during the class, I played them the English version with two parts.  They had never known that there was a second part of this song. (Actually, there are four parts – SATB – but two parts were complicated enough for them.) When they heard that, they were very excited and very eager to learn it. I, of course, was very happy to teach them.  I have always wanted to teach them to sing some English songs so this one was a good start – only a few English words for them to remember.

But even the ‘choir members’ (they don’t officially have a ‘choir’. This is something that I want to introduce to them too) couldn’t get the notes right. 

Here’s what happened:

Even the students themselves laughed at their own singing. 

‘Teacher, do you want to learn the Khmer version?’ So, here it is:

The Khmer version. Getting better but still they are not familiar with the song yet.

A group of students from Hong Kong will come at the end of July. I am assigned to be one of the helpers for this event. I had a meeting with the committee members. It was my first time to have a meeting in Khmer.  Guess what, I didn’t understand a single thing they said until they switched to English.  Lol! Am I learning Khmer?  Yes, kind of.  I am learning it very slowly. 😛

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