Welcome to Cambodia!

I travelled all the way to Phnom Penh (a 3-hour drive, one way) for this international ICT and Mobile event and guess what? First, I couldn’t find the venue. Most of the buildings on Diamond Island are still under construction and the people working in the office building there didn’t know where the convention and exhibition centre was. Secondly and most importantly, when we called the organiser, we were told the event was rescheduled. Guess when it was rescheduled to? NEXT YEAR! Yes, you hear me right. NEXT YEAR! That means the event was cancelled. Please, don’t use the word ‘rescheduled’! Their Facebook page was saying ‘happening now’. But the organiser told us, ‘oh we didn’t know we had an announcement on Facebook.’ Seriously? That’s THEIR page. It was an international event! Welcome to Cambodia!

The International ICT and Mobile event was cancelled without informing the public and the registered visitors. Nobody knows why it was cancelled. Welcome to Cambodia!

So, what did we do in the end? We left the island and headed to a shopping mall nearby to do some window shopping. My eyes need to travel, please. After you have stayed in a village for some time and slept on those bed sheets in the village, you will want to do something to pamper your eyes. 😛

Apart from feeding my eyes, I needed to feed my tummy and pamper my taste buds too. I picked a chained Japanese restaurant. My new friend hadn’t tried Japanese food before so eating at a chained restaurant was a safe option, at least, I knew the standard.

Do I still look forward to other private events in Phnom Penh? Yes, especially now that I have made some connections there. 😛

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