An Unforgettable Experience

Presentation time again.  😛

The group is much smaller this time cos previously I told the class that there would be tests. Students who are afraid of tests decided not to attend my class. Too bad, this is actually where the essence is.  😛  

For those who continue, they have to do homework, in-class exercises (not tests, as I mentioned in my previous blog) and presentations. But in every lesson, I teach them new things – listening and speaking skills and eventually grammar. The lessons are getting more and more interesting. So, too bad for the dropouts. 😛

So, back to this presentation. This time, the topic I gave them was ‘An Unforgettable Experience’. Those who went to the Cambodia-Vietnam trip with me have to talk about that trip. 

Previously, the lesson was held at night because they had to go to school during the day.  Now that the school holidays have begun, the students have more free time so they suggested to change the lesson to the afternoon.  Good for me. I don’t want to teach at night.  The classroom is full of insects at night. The flying insects sometimes land on my shirt and pants when I teach. I really hate that. However, one group of students still want to have the class at night.  For them, I ask them to come to the house where I stay.  It’s only a handful of students so it’s not worth risking my life in the classroom.  LOL.

A few students did their presentation today. I am glad that two of them did it quite well but I am disappointed with one.  After he finished his presentation, he said, ‘I know I made many mistakes…’ and then I said with a smile, ‘I am glad you realized it.’ Of course, I didn’t scold them. That’s not the point of the presentation.  So, what is the point of all these presentations?  Hm… stay tuned. I will reveal it when the time is ripe. 😛

An Unforgettable Experience presentation
A few of my students did a presentation today in the newly painted classroom. Some of them have improved quite a lot. 🙂

I really look forward to more presentations tomorrow.  I love seeing my students do presentations.  😛

P.S. I finally know how terrible the rainy season is in Cambodia. It literally rains every day and night. The flood that I saw in May was nothing. Despite that, the students still have the mood to make desserts.  They stuffed some sweet things inside the pumpkin and treated me a slice. It was so delicious!  They just want to turn me into a pig.  LOL!

I love my students.  🙂

The flood.
The school ground. This is moderate, I can tell you. While I took this photo, it was still raining. You can see one big drop of rain on the left hand side of this photo.
Pumpkin dessert
Yummy pumpkin dessert. 😛

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