Rainy Day In Lago di Como

It had been raining all day. Bought the ticket to Lago di Como so I went there early in the morning. But it was raining so hard and it was so cold that I decided not to stay there. I went to the Duomo there and attended the mass. That was all. The lake and … Continue reading Rainy Day In Lago di Como

What Can You See In Milan?

I got off the train from Vicenza to Milan to meet up with my Italian friend that I met in Seychelles. It was good to see him and his girlfriend. They were back together (they broke up later). My friend kept telling me, 'there is nothing to see in Milan other than Duomo.' So, we … Continue reading What Can You See In Milan?

The Little Gem, Vicenza

I met an Italian jewellery designer before this trip. He said, ‘you should come to Vicenza. That’s my home. It’s beautiful. A lot of jewellery designers are from there.’ Alright. So, even though it’s not as famous as other touristy places in Italy, I went there. It’s a little town but it did have some … Continue reading The Little Gem, Vicenza

The Merchant of Venice :)

'WOW!' I screamed, 'Hollywood setting!' That was my impression when I saw the Basilica in Venice. Let's rewind. 🙂 I arrived at Venice yesterday and met my roommate. We decided to hang out together today. She was quite tall, well, taller than I. When we chatted about our jobs, she told me she was an … Continue reading The Merchant of Venice 🙂


I didn't realize Roman forum and Palatino were that big. I started early in the morning and finished in late afternoon. I had to skip some places because I was too tired. I then walked to Colosseum but was told it was closed! 🙁 I had my ticket in my hands. I was so disappointed. … Continue reading Gladiators!

Vatican City

It is interesting to visit a country within a country. Vatican sits inside Italy. When I was a kid, I thought it was part of Italy. 'Where is Vatican City?' 'Italy!' 😀 The answer was correct geographically. I wanted to see the Pope but it wasn't really that easy. One of the teenagers from Cambodia … Continue reading Vatican City


After my Seychelles trip, of course, I went to Italy to visit my new friend and his girlfriend. I heard they were back together again. That was good news. I got in touch with the Italian guy who helped me when I was bitten by a dog in Chile but we didn't get to see … Continue reading Rome!

Pristine Beaches In Seychelles

I went to Fiji in the 90's and I still remembered how clean the water was at the beaches. The little fish came and nibbled my legs when I was standing in the water. I wanted to explore places like this again but I didn't want to return to Fiji yet. I somehow bumped into … Continue reading Pristine Beaches In Seychelles

A Week In Myanmar

I went to Myanmar because of Aung San Suu Kyi. I really admired her. Of course, I didn't get to see her but having the chance to visit the country and seeing the progress she had made to her country was a joy. She was also admired by her citizens too. I contacted an expat … Continue reading A Week In Myanmar

A School Visit. Red Bull Gives You Wings!

The first thing I did right after I got off the overnight train from Astana to Almaty was to rush back to the hostel. It was 5am or 7am (?). I told the tourist I’d go out by myself for the whole day today. After we arrived at the hostel, he went straight to sleep … Continue reading A School Visit. Red Bull Gives You Wings!