The Little Gem, Vicenza

I met an Italian jewellery designer before this trip. He said, ‘you should come to Vicenza. That’s my home. It’s beautiful. A lot of jewellery designers are from there.’ Alright. So, even though it’s not as famous as other touristy places in Italy, I went there.

It’s a little town but it did have some beautiful places. I bought a museum pass and visited Teatro Olympico (the best),Pinacoteca Civica Palazzo Chiericati, Chiesa di Santa Corona (and said hi to Bellini’s painting) and Palladio museum

‘Accademia Olimpica, Vicenza’ was printed on the flag.
So beautiful! It’s a stage of the theatre. I went ‘WOW!’ when I first entered into it. So grand!
3D stage. 3D existed long time ago!
Behind the audience seats. You can see the design was consistent with the stage.
The audience became part of the performance.
The ceiling of the theatre looked beautiful.
The ceiling of the theatre. It’s the same as other museums but it’s a theatre!
This photo shows how 3D the stage was.
A close up of the column
The theatre looked like the streets outside the theatre.
I am sure I had left the theatre but I don’t remember where I was.
I love paintings. 🙂 And I am glad there are museums in the world. For people like me who can’t afford to buy any paintings like this, museums are the only option.
I believe this is Adam and Eve. The Bible never says ‘apple’ but somehow most of the artists painted the fruit as an ‘apple’. It is also referred to as an apple in English – Adam’s apple. 😀
I love the ceilings. The Chinese, instead of painting the ceiling, painted the beams. Check out my blog about Beijing.
I was there! See? Here’s my reflection.
Venice long time ago. Cameras were later invented but I still like to look at paintings like these ones. It’s a joy.
This is a very interesting perspective. Yes, when you look up, you can see these people and animals up there in the sky.
A wall painting of the Virgin Mary
The note above the tomb of Luigi Da Porto – it says Luigi wrote the novel ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which inspired Shakespeare to write the famous play. Inspiration or plagiarism? 😛 It was never a romantic story to me. It’s sad.
Bellini’s painting in Chiesa di Santa Corona
It looked like a miniature. Another beautiful piece of art.
I took a photo of the wall of the church. The light shone through the colourful glass window.
I was in Palladio Museum
The museum displayed many of the models of buildings that existed in Vicenza.
You have to look at the ceilings of the museums in Europe. They all look so grand!

The Italian designer recommended a restaurant to me. But when I reached there, it was still not opened so I went to a bar next to it. I ordered spritz which was only available in the Veneto region. I met two young Italian students. They recently graduated from university. One of them said they were not too optimistic about the economy. And he said the economic crisis in Europe was affecting everybody and he didn’t see his future. He still wanted to stay in Italy but he didn’t know what to do. It all sounded very sad and depressing. And that was back in 2015. You can imagine. The situation is now even worse.

The next morning, I saw this Ultrabericus banner from the room of my hostel. That was the reason why all the cheap hostels were full. The one I stayed at was very expensive.

The next day, with the museum pass, I visited some more museums and galleries: Galleria di Palazzo Leoni Montanari, Museo Naturalistico Archeologico, and Museo Diocesano.

Beautiful ceiling again
The decoration was so elaborate.
There were so many beautiful paintings in the gallery.
The mosaic on the floor
The courtyard of a museum. I don’t remember which one.
The little town of Vicenza
There I was, walking in this little town.
Can you tell what time it was? It was time for me to catch the train to Milan to meet up with my friend I met in Seychelles.

13-14 March 2015

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